Thursday, December 13, 2012

A New Man at Our House

A few weeks ago, while going through the many catalogs of “stuff” one can buy for Christmas I came across this mannequin.  I set the picture aside and decided that when the holidays were over and my bank account was somewhat replenished, I would get him for our front porch.  Then later I was telling my mother about him and she offered to buy him for me for my birthday.  And I jumped on that offer and here he is.  I have already been shopping for clothes for him (he is 6’ and slim: doesn’t fit in our family at all).  Anyway, I was going to get him a Santa suit but this isn’t the time of year to find one in the second hand shops so all he got was a hat.

Then last evening DD and SIL came over with an older suit he no longer is using when he plays Santa for the groups and kids around town.  Of course they forgot the pants so I am calling him a Redneck Santa, at least for now.  He really looks great welcoming us home.

needed glasses
DH even contributed some reading glasses in case Santa gets bored sitting out there watching the birds.  This new man in my life is called Fred: I’m not sure why but it just seemed to fit.

Gift Wrapping mess
In addition to getting Fred set up on the outside, I have been wrapping gifts on the inside.  Almost every surface was covered with wrapping paper, boxes, and gifts: what a mess.

Wrapping helper
And help was always there when I needed it.  But I did get the job done and gifts were even put in the mail.  I wrote on Facebook that I love making gifts and even enjoy shopping for them but I really don’t like wrapping them.  I am always glad when that part of the season is over.

Sky & Sadie
Last night we had a visit from our great grandson, Sky.  He is 4 and just the right size for our miniature daschund, 

Placemat trees
And, finally, I was able this morning to get back into the studio.  This is the beginning of two placemats from the same designer as my Funky Chickens.  I really am a little further done than this but I didn’t get a picture so will show more on Monday.

Have a great week and weekend.  Gari

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