Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Is a Comin’

Coffee Break
This is where I spent all Wednesday afternoon, out on the deck having coffee with Santa.  It was in the mid-70s, the sun was out and I was able to finish one book and start another.  What a great way to begin the week before Christmas.

Home Dinner Theater
The night before we had dinner theater.  One of our family traditions, and our favorite, is Magoo’s Christmas Carol.  Even without the children here (ages 44-50) we still sing along and anticipate the funniest part, seen above.  We are watching one Christmas show every night: it is a way to enjoy our old traditions in a current way.

Steps 2 and 4
On the quilting front, I completed all of Step 4 of Easy Street and got them sewn onto Step 2.

3.5 inch squares
I even got the green fabric cut into 3 1/2” squares, ready to use in the next step.  I really don’t enjoy the cutting part but spacing it out a week apart seems to make it not so bad.

Filed away until Friday
After I got all that sewing and cutting done, I boxed everything up and put it away until Friday.

I did do some additional sewing.  I have begun the applique on my teapots.  My usual applique technique is a small zig-zag with invisible thread.  This time I am using the button-hole stitch with a coordinating thread.  I got one done and am in the middle of the second one.  I will be showing them on Monday.
Have a great week.  Don’t get too cold or blown away by the storm that is right now crossing the country.  Gari

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Kevin the Quilter said...

Awesome.....can't wait til tomorrow morning's clue!