Monday, December 3, 2012

Little Pieces on the Design Wall

East Street 1 & 2
This is all that is on my Design Wall today: one segment from Step 1 and Step 2 of Easy Street by Bonnie Hunter.  I have 196 4 patch segments made (Step 1) and 32 of the 123 Flying Geese (Step 2) done.  Right now I am caught up but lets see where I am on Friday when we get Step 3.  Surprised smile

12 Days on the wall
I did  finally get the ornaments on the 12 Days of Christmas quilt.  Here it is hanging over the fireplace and mixed in with some of our other Christmas decorations.

12 Days close-up
This was a BOM-mystery from a couple of years ago, offered by Esther Aliu.  What a challenge it was: diamond shaped pieced blocks, very small applique, large applique requiring custom quilting.  Yet, it is one of my very favorite quilts.

b&w for Easy Street
On Saturday I went to a meeting of sewing friends and then visited 3 quilts shops on my way home. I went looking for black on white fabrics to add to my Easy Street stash.  Here is what I found at two of the shops.  The one I really like the best is the dotted fabric on the upper left (I bought more of it than the rest).

new batiks
I also found some batiks (surprise, surprise) on sale at the first shop.  This came as a kit for a pattern but I will probably use them differently as I rarely follow patterns.

batik on sale
And at the last shop I found these batiks on sale.  If you have read my blog for any time you already know that I have a passion for batiks so there was no way I could pass these up?

This week I hope to finish Step 2 of Easy Street, begin my last Funky Chicken block, plan the 5th teapot fabric, and at least print the foundations for Carol Doak’s mystery.  And since it has been in the low 70s, with sunshine, around here, I will be making room for some reading on the deck.  This looks like it is going to be a busy week.


Angelina Kendra said...

I love your Christmas decorations! So cozy!

Bonnie said...

I've seen some batiks on a few other blogs today....makes me want to go shopping.... Lots of nice eye candy.

LuAnn said...

I like that you are using the yellow in your quilt. I decided to go with Bonnie's colors this time. Can't wait to see how your quilt turns out.

LynCC said...

Oh! The tree was pretty to start with, but now that you've got the ornaments up, it's really, really neat!

AnnieO said...

Your Christmas project turned out just beautifully. It looks terrific hung up there! I'm saving the steps to Easy Street but not diving in just yet...too many other things going on! Looks like some great buys there--enjoy!

Dar said...

Love your Christmas quilt on the fireplace. So cute. Also like your changing up Easy Street a bit. I'm doing it too, but still working on step 1. Better get back to it or I will REALLY be behind by Friday.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful quilts and the quilting is beautiful.

Julianne Emery said...

love your colors for easy street will have to check back to see the whole thing done

ANudge said...

I like you fabrics for ES - black and white and yellow - super. That is a marvelous Christmas quilt from Esther. Hope you shared it on her blog. She'd be thrilled I'm sure. Looking forward to your chicken and teapot. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

The fireplace looks warm and inviting. The geese are looking good in the yellow, and what a lovely haul of black/white fabrics from the shop.

Glenda said...

Oh Gari you have been spending up big!!!! Your 12 Days of Xmas looks lovely, I now remember it well as i was soooo impressed with he way you quilted the Peace bird at the base of the quilt. Hugs Glenda

Bunny said...

Love your Christmas quilt it turned out fantastic. Looking forward to seeing your black and white quilt.

Jenny said...

have just been in for a close up of your 12 days of Christmas, so beautiful.
I can never stop buying batiks either, they are so versatile.
Merry Christmas, jenny