Monday, December 17, 2012

Fun in Alabama

Step 4 a
Up first is my design wall with Step 4 of Easy Street.  I have a few of the units done, including being attached to Step 2, and the rest of Step 4 half done.  I would have had them all done Sunday but a trip to Pizza Hut for a taco pizza completely derailed me.

Step 4 b
This time I was able to put yellow and orange together in the same unit: again my two favorite colors, united.

But I didn’t start working on Easy Street until Saturday afternoon because I had started a new project.
placemats on frame
These are two placemats designed by Sindy of Fatcat Patterns.  And she is offering it free this month. 

placemat 1
I prepared the applique on Friday and did the quilting on Saturday.

placemat 2
One of the differences between the two are the packages where I reversed the fabric.  Also, I bound one in green and the other in red.

placemate santa
I did circles overall but did more specific quilting on this motif which is part of the fabric.

Last Monday I finished wrapping all the gifts we are sending and mailed all but the ones to my mother.  Her’s I will mail this week insuring that they arrive closer to Christmas.  The reason?  Well, she tends to open them as soon as she gets them and I hope to have them there for her on Christmas, or at least as close as I can get to it.  Now all I have left to wrap is the ones to DH.  I have his hidden in the studio so part of today will be wrapping, again. 

Yesterday we shopped for our Christmas tree.  We have a great artificial, lighted one but there is currently no room for a tree in the living room.  That great tree is now brightening our deck: it looks great.  So Sunday we bought a 3 1/2 ‘ Norfolk Pine which is sitting at one end of our dining table.  And there are even a couple of gifts, wrapped, under it.  Almost every day more and more signs of Christmas appear in our house: it is really beautiful here, inside and out.
Oh, have you seen the New Year’s Mystery at Longarm University?  It is a picture quilt to be pieced prior to New Year’s Day and then quilting lessons will be given out throughout the day.  I have done one of her quilts/lessons and it was great.  This quilt, I think, would make a great wallhanging behind our Christmas Village next year so I am thinking about signing up.  Want to join me?
I will be linking to Patchwork Times and Quiltville.  Stop by and see what lots of other people are doing.


Bonnie said...

Your hot easy street parts look good. I wish I had time for the quilt along but I am over extended now. Sigh. I'll keep the web site though as I can use all the help I can get on my long arming!

Connie said...

The colors you are using for Easy Street are beautiful and wow!!! Love your header!

Donna said...

I really like the colors you are using for "Easy Street".

Paula, the quilter said...

Yellow is a lovely cheerful color to work with. Your color combinations make me think of a fiesta! said...

I really like to see all the different and beautiful colours people use all over the world. I love your colour choice.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Your colors are going to be great together! Can't wait til Friday!

Jennifer said...

Love your bright colors for Easy Street!

Roslyn said...

Your colors make it so different Gari, I will be anxious to compare your finished product.