Monday, January 28, 2013

Closer to a Finish

ES-corner sewn together
Any chance you are getting tired of seeing the same thing on my design wall?  I know I am.  So, even though I have 4 block As, 3 large triangles, and 2 small triangles left to make, I started sewing blocks together.  You can see the corner in the upper left (1 blocks, 2 large triangles and 1 small triangle).  It doesn’t seem like much but I was really excited to see this move toward completion.  And I have continued to sustain the one block a day (Friday I did 2 and then was gone all Saturday).  If I can do 2 a day this week I should have all the blocks done by the end of the month: wouldn’t that be great?

Feathered Star quilting complete
And guess what else I got done.  I completed the quilting of my feathered star table topper.  I guess I , once again, need to thank Judy of Patchwork Times for her lessons on quilting feathers for even though I am still learning, I am very pleased with the results on this quilt.

fabric found
One other great thing that happened for this quilt this week is that I found, buried in my stash, more of the background fabric.  I had been fretting over what I would use as a binding so I began digging in the “yellow” section of fabric to see if I had anything that would compliment these two.  “And what to my wondering eyes should appear” but the very fabric I was trying to match. 

Binding half completed
So Sunday I cut, pressed and sewed the binding on this little quilt.  Today I will finish the binding and this quilt will be residing on our table.  DH has already decided that his “new” globe will look great on it so that will be our table decoration…….for a while.  Winking smile

On Saturday DH and I took off to do a little antiquing.  Although several of the antique malls we have loved have long since disappeared, there are still a few in and around here so we try to do our best to keep them in business.  I really do not like shopping except when we are wandering through looking at old things, some of which remind us of our childhoods.    It was a very pleasant day.

Elsa and her frog quiltAnd now I leave you with a picture of our most recent grandchild, Elsa Grace, lying on the Frog Quilt made for her by me.  Most of you will have already seen this quilt but I also wanted to share it’s being put to good use.
Have a great, productive, and inspiring week.    



Judy D in WA said...

OMG, Elsa! How sweet.
Your feathered star is gorgeous. One of these days I will make just 1 block, turn it into a pillow so I can say I made one. Good job with the feathers. I'm still a coward. ;)
Your Easy Street is coming along nicely.

Bonnie said...

I love seeing kids and grandkids in blogs. You get a continual flow of them in my blogs when I've gone to see them. Elsa just looks so right on her quilt. Wow, your feathers are really nice.... I'm so impressed. And your Easy Street is really taking shape. I'm still putzing around on the clues making sub units. But, that said, I'm not in any hurry. Hope you can get your top together by the end of the month. And borders????

Anonymous said...

I love the baby photos!!! Aren't they so precious?! I really love your table topper and how you quilted the lovely star!!! It look great, just jumped off the page to me!! I really enjoyed seeing it!

Debbie said...

Your feathered quilting does look great...and what a find in the stash...the very fabric you needed. Your color way on the Easy Street is close to what I am thinking of going with...I wasn't brave enough to join in until I saw the reveal.

Rhonda said...

What a precious photo with the grandbaby and quilt. Warms my heart!!
Your Easy Street is really coming along. I don't get tired of seeing it at all!

Scooquilt said...

Your feathers are wonderful! I put feathers on everything I can get away with- don't you love them? Nice granddaughter, too.

Kate said...

Lots of progress this last week. Easy Street is looking great, love your new table topper.

Melinda said...

Your feathered star looks great - your feathers are beautiful. Almost there on Easy Street. I am still enjoying your colors.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty quilting on your star. I think the biggest reward of quilting is seeing others love what you do and take pictures, and what a precious little bug that baby is!!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Movin' right along! Love the feathered star, and your quilting looks great. Congrats on the newest member of your family! What a cute quilt you made for her. I love browsing antique malls myself!

Jessica said...

Elsa LOVES her froggy quilt. Before you know it, she'll be able to crawl right across it!