Thursday, January 10, 2013

Not a Resolution

005But this is what I am planning on using, daily?
My favorite exercise is Yoga but over the last several years  I have developed a knee problem that makes kneeling most painful.  And I have always wanted a Pilates machine.  So I ordered one.  They “said” it came fully assembled, just pull it out of the box and go.  Well, they lied.  The main part is assembled but lots of little things have to be put on it to make it work. 

This is in my bedroom where I spent one day moving furniture to make a space for it and the next day “assembling” the machine.  And last night I finally was able to do my first full routine.  It was great and I look forward to many more stretching and core strengthening routines.

003Also this week I baked bread.   This is a cinnamon loaf we got from our #2 son and daughter in law in CO: a Christmas gift.  I was planning on making it New Year’s Eve to eat on our way to the Gator Bowl but since we left a day early it didn’t get made until this week.  And it was gone within 2 days: really good.  I usually don’t like getting food gifts because we eat Weight Watcher’s and most of those food packages we have to give away because of too many points.  However, this was only 3 points a slice so it was a reasonable, and good, snack.

007I also was able to pick up my new rocking chair for the front porch.  DH got it for me for Christmas but he knew I wanted to try out chairs before bringing one home.  I went to do that right after Christmas but they were outside and it was way to cold to get comfortable in any of the chairs.  So this week, with 65F weather, over we went and this was the one I picked (rocked in 12 chairs first).  And you can see that I have given Fred, our porch friend, the recliner.  Right now the porch is looking a little crowded but in the Spring I will be working on a better layout.

004On the computer front, I decided to move my downloaded quilt patterns to a flash drive.  Look at how many I seem to have.  Do you think I will ever get all of them made?  And I only dl the ones I really think I might like to make.  Oh, my.  I think I could stop going online right now and be perfectly and completely busy with just what I have.  Now I am afraid to do the same thing with the embroidery designs I have collected.  But I need to free up some of my hard drive so things will move a little more quickly.

I have been sewing.  I have made one block every day for Easy Street, have been removing the stabilizer off of the Funky Chickens, and have been looking at BOMs to add to my work plan.  There haven’t been as many posted this January so I may go to one of the ones that I saved but did not make last year.  I like to have 3-4 BOMs to add diversion when I am also making 2-3 quilts.  And, the two BOMs I am currently making will both end in May.  So I need at least one more now: of course I do.  Angel

So this is Thursday morning.  I need to get off this computer, do my morning Pilates routine, get dressed, and get to the studio.  I think it is time to make some quilting decisions on the Feathered Star!

Have a great end of the week and weekend.


Jan said...

You are one busy lady. Do you look up BOMs on Google or is there any other way to find them?

Roslyn said...

Your Easy Street looks so different with just a couple of color changes!
I am working on the last set of 16 large blocks but this afternoon I want to finish up Matthew's Humpty Dumpty/Sponge Bob Square Pants quilt!

Kate said...

You've been busy. I like having a couple of BOMs going as well, it keeps things fresh and interesting.