Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Special Week

This is a special week.  No, not because I have finished my Easy Street.  In fact, I have only continued to make a block a day. 
Every day I do my devotions, exercise on my Pilates machine, eat breakfast, do as little housework as I can get away with and some computer work.  That usually takes all morning and it is now time for lunch.  Then I can go to the studio for some quality sewing time. 
The first thing I do is my Easy Street block.  I know that if I put it off I will get involved in something else and then quickly fall behind.  001
I finally set the blocks for the full queen size: wow it really is going to be big.  But the problem is that I now can see how many blocks I still have to make.  Surprised smile

Second I have been working on a Carol Doak heart pattern.  CD heart
Originally I was making a purple and white heart (Northwestern University) and a blue and orange heart (Auburn University) to make Valentine placemats for us.  However after I made the two purple and white parts I discovered that I had made two of the same side.  After cursing myself and then sleeping on it I had the brave idea of joining the two parts and I really like the outcome.  The blocks are 10” and the dots will be border around the block, a block beside the heart and the binding.

And thirdly, I finally got a chance to work on my new BOM from Fat Cat Patterns, Wonderfully Fishys.  003This, like the Funky Chickens, will be made of batiks.   Here the fish parts are just lying together and the background fabric is folded next to them.   The funny thing is that I already have three different people I am thinking of for this quilt: it’s a good thing I have a whole year to decide who it is for.

Oh, and why is this week special?  Well, tomorrow my husband and I will have been married 52 years.  I may have to do some catching up on my blocks this weekend.  Open-mouthed smile


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Great progress and looking quilts. Congrats on 52 years, I am almost half way there with 25.5

Kate said...

Happy 52 anniversary! Easy Street is looking good. Love your new fishy BOM, very fun.

LynCC said...

You found another BOM just as fun as the chickens! Love that fish. Your Easy Street is so wonderfully citrusy, too. :)
and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Way to GO!! 52 years is amazing and inspirational.

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary! (I love your header, btw. I find it funny you cut Todd out.)

LuAnn said...

WOW Your Easy Street colors are just great! And, congratulations on your wedding anniversary! Fifty two years is a great accomplishment. We will be married 40 this year. Have a great weekend!

Roslyn said...

Felicitations on your wedding anniversary, Gari, it's a wonderful thing to celebrate!
Have you any idea how you will quilt your Easy Street?