Thursday, January 31, 2013

New and Ongoing

001I am so excited.  I have only one block and one triangle left to make and all of the Easy Street blocks will be done.  Also, I have sewn one large corner together as well as two long rows.  This afternoon I will be finishing the blocks and sewing as much of this center together as I can.  However, once the blocks are done I will have met my goal of getting them all done by the end of the month.

The funny thing is that a couple of days ago I saw a mistake up on the wall.  It is already sewn in and I really hate the idea of unsewing so I am thinking of it being my “humble” piece.  I then will be calling this quilt the Contrary Goose.  It really doesn’t bother me but it does make me laugh.

006This is what is new at our house.  I saw this at an antique mall but didn’t buy it.  However DH really liked it, too, and decided that if we could display our Parrot Depression Glass pieces in it, we should get it.  So Tuesday we picked it up (100 miles away) and the two of us old folks hauled it in the house, and then collapsed. 

Yesterday I moved furniture around all morning to find the best place to put it.  It is sitting in an opening between two false walls that contain our dining room.

007The dishes fit in there perfectly but because the cabinet is not lit I will be putting mirrors behind the plates and serving pieces.  Right now I only have two 12x12 mirrors so we will be buying more and then will be cutting them down to fit (oh goody, more projects).

Behind the new cabinet I have placed an antique piano desk we have had for years.  It has moved with us from IL to KY, to AL, to FL, and back to AL  and shows some of the wear and tear but I love it.  The funny thing is that I can peak at the TV in the living room through that little space to the left of the cabinet.

The picture on the cabinet back is one that DH bought at an Arts Festival a couple of years ago but we never had a wall to hang it on.  And we hung it on the back with velcro. Winking smile
Well, that’s about all that is happening here.  And I need to get off this computer and get to the studio before the month runs out.


Kate said...

Very pretty cabinet.

Easy street is looking good. I don't see any misplaced geese. You've hidden them well.

Jill said...

Easy Street looks great. I had to enlarge the photo and look carefully to find your contrary goose. I agree with you: leave it as it is for your humble piece. That's a beautiful cabinet.

Gretchen said...

Love the colors in your Easy Street. Just so bright and warm!