Thursday, February 21, 2013

Family, Nature, and Easy Street

Did you see the new header picture?  If not, it is time to look at it and then you can read that this is our youngest son (44yo young) and his almost 2 month old daughter, Elsa.  Think he is a proud Papa?  You bet he is.  And we are so enjoying seeing him with his new love.

Chrysler Seabring   2009  2-20-13And his twin sister didn’t want to be left out so she, too, has a new baby.  This is her gift to herself for becoming an RN and getting a new job.  Even if you can’t see it too well, her smile is every bit as big as her brother’s.  Open-mouthed smile

new leavesNot to be outdone, Nature is having babies, too.  Even though the temps have been near freezing at night, our trees and bushes are sprouting new leaves.  I just hope they are hardy.

chicken visitorsWe live in the country but don’t have chickens.  Well, we don’t own chickens.  These are some of the neighbors chickens that visit every day to find goodies under the leaves.  There are about 15 of them, about half hens and half roosters.  They are fun to watch and there is crowing going on all day.  And aren’t they beautiful?  We love having them around and the dogs love chasing them.  They don’t want to catch them, and aren’t allowed, but they do love to watch them run and fly.

close to being doneAnd look how close to being done I am!  I thought I might have been done yesterday but between phone calls, lunch out with DH and then assisting our daughter with her car buying, I wasn’t even able to get into the studio.  So this afternoon, after housekeeping duties, I plan to get back in there and get some more quilted.  I should be done by the end of the week.  Fingers crossed

walining lightWhen I left the studio Tuesday evening I saw the beauty of the quilt in the shadows.  I really love how my quilts look different with sun, shadows, and especially in the early morning light when I wake up under them.  I am really looking forward to waking up under this one.  Smile

And now it is time to get the dishes in the dishwasher, walk the dogs, and feed the birds.  Then lunch and it will be STUDIO TIME!!


Kevin the Quilter said...

Congrats on all of your new additions to your family! I am a chicken keeper, and our neighbors love having them around too. They especially enjoy the fresh eggs! Can't wait to see your Easy Street all completed. It looks amazing so far!

Janet said...

Elsa is beautiful. What a really special picture! I love the new car--always thought a convertible would be fun. Not very practical for us tho, maybe we'll have to rent one next time we are in FL. Your daughter certainly deserves a reward for all her hard work. Easy Street is gorgeous. I'm curious. What kind of long arm do you have?

Kate said...

Elsa is definitely a cutie!

Enjoy your studio time this week.

ANudge said...

I have a photo of my son and his baby boy that looks very much like your son and DGC. Like they're trying to talk to each other. So cute! Your quilt is stunning!

Connie said...

Beautiful baby and...your daughter looks very happy in her car! Congrats all around! Can't wait to see your Easy Street finished!

Jessica said...

Love this post! And love the chickens! Send me some fresh eggs? Wrapped in a quilt? :)