Sunday, November 24, 2013

Getting Ready & Birthday Month Continues

owls back on wallThe owls are back on the wall. 

latest owlsAnd these are the newest ones to be completed.  I still have one small one to do but I think I will wait until next month and do two of them together.  These three were lots of fun and required a really long tree branch.

New Roll Top DeskMost of my time this week was taken up with this.  DH and I did some antiquing/shopping early in the week.  He saw this and said “Here is your desk” as I have always wanted a big old roll top desk.  Of course we couldn’t afford it even though it was less expensive than I had thought (not an old desk).  Then a couple of days later he offered to share the cost if I wanted it.  So I called the store and found that it was now 25% discounted ….. so I bought it.  However it was 100 miles away and way too big for our already overcrowded house.

drawers & chairSo we drove down, completed the paperwork and I measured it upside down and backward.  Then home we came and I began measuring everything else in the house.

New deskSaturday, while DH and our SIL went to get it, I moved every big piece of furniture in the front and dining room.  By the time they gone back with my new “birthday” desk, I had the puppies completely confused and I was ready to collapse.  But it was worth it: isn’t she beautiful?

drawers & cubbiesLook at all those little drawers.  I have been filling them up but there are still several that are still empty.  Flirt male

desk-side view
She is even beautiful from the side, isn’t she?

Fred at rest (2)After all that work even Fred was tired and felt the need for relaxing.

Nature LoverAnd Stubby, afraid she would get sucked into the work, took refuge among the plants on the deck.

I have been knitting but partial socks are not very interesting so I will show them later. 

I did start a couple of small projects.  I had decided to not make Christmas gifts this year but changed my mind when I couldn’t think of or find anything I wanted to gift for a couple of people.  DH has this week off so he will be watching football and taking care of the puppies giving me more studio time.  All of this needs to either be completed or almost before Bonnie doles out Part 1 of her Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt on Friday.  My plan is to put last years completed mystery quilt, Easy Street, out in the studio to remind me, when I feel overwhelmed, that it can be done cuz I did it before.  Open-mouthed smile

For all of my US readers, have a great Thanksgiving.  As it is my birthday we are going out to eat, something we have never done before, and then plan to spend some time at the beach (if it is not too cold).

And for everybody, have a great week.  Gari


Kate said...

Love the Owls! They are so cute.

Happy Birthday! Love your roll top desk too. Just don't forget what you put in which drawer!

Gretchen said...

Owls are looking fabulous!! Love the desk. That is definitely a treasure--all those little drawers are just too much fun. Hope you have a great week and a happy birthday!!!

Linda said...

Oh Gari your owls are just adorable. I so enjoy seeing all of the animals that you make. And I think these are maybe my favorites.
Have a safe and wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.

Ramona said...

Your owls are too cute! And the desk is a beauty. Finding places for new furniture in a full house is ALWAYS a challenge!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the owls! ~Melanie

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday!!

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday. Your desk is beautiful and great fun with all the drawers. And the owls look great.

LynCC said...

Enjoy your birthday, Gari. You know - the backing of your owls never struck me before, but I just noticed how cool it is. Perfect for them.

AnnieO said...

Happy Birthday! Love that rolltop :). The owls are adorable.

Nina John said...
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Mary said...

Happy birthday! It's a day we share!