Sunday, August 10, 2014

Design Wall Monday

B & W Race Looky, looky, I actually have something on the design wall besides the Owl blocks (which are just to the right of this charity quilt top.  I am calling it Nothing is all Black and White.  The colored bits are batiks cut at random sizes

Race BindingI have the binding sewn, just need to press it.

on the frameHowever that is going to have to wait as the frame has this baby quilt on it.  I am using Minkie, again, as the backing but this time I did not put batting between the top and the backing.  I am having some tension problems, I think because there is no batting to stabilize it, so it is taking a little longer than I planned.

whootThis is how I  am quilting the plain blocks and then there are swirls in the owl blocks.

Another thing that has slowed down my quilting progress is that I think I have developed a pinched nerve that is negatively affecting my right arm.  I am pretty much all right when I am sitting but when I stand up I am experiencing pain and tingling like my arm is going to sleep.  And half of my thumb is asleep all the time.  So I am mostly knitting with just a little sewing until I see the Dr. on the 20th and start figuring out what is wrong and what can be done about it.  Meanwhile I have been learning how to live with ice bags which seems to help, until I stand up. 

I will, as always, be linking up with Patchwork Times.  Have a great week.  Gari


Exuberant Color said...

It might be the knitting that is causing the problem with your arm. I have heard others talking about 'knitting arm' and they had to drop the amount of time knitting to cure it.

pollyanna said...

Love the strip quilt. The different colors here and there really add to the design. And that binding is perfect! The baby quilt is wonderful, but I agree that the lack of batting has tension problems. I don't use batting with flannel or Minky and it does create some problems at times. Get better soon!

carol fun said...

Love the black and white quilt .... I think I need to "borrow" that idea! I have lots of b/w stirps already cut .... oh no.. anohter quilt I HAVE to make - LOL! Hope the arm feels better soon - could be the knitting - I know I over do it sometimes and mine aches like the dickens.

take care -
carol fun

Ramona said...

Your strip quilt is great. The little pops of color are so much fun. I sure hope your doctor can figure out what is going on with your arm. Not fun!

Bonnie said...

Nice eye candy today. When I first look at the quilting in the block I thought it said hoot school. Duh. Very cute. Hope the pain goes away.... I have no suggestions except everything I moderation.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Great strip quilt, a black & white scrapbox delight! (And re your arm.. I too suspect it's the knitting. Maybe you sat one evening for too long, keen to finish?) Linda

Kate said...

Love those little flashes of color in your black and white quilt, very fun and modern.

Hope your arm is feeling better.