Sunday, August 3, 2014

Progress Happens

Once again my design wall only features my owls.  I now have the top of the quilt ready to put together.  I am not doing to do it until the rest of the blocks are ready but I am feeling like I am making progress.

and so it beginsEnough so that I decided it was time to start another quilt.  This will be my take on the jelly roll race.  The strips are black and white and are separated by various batik pieces.

first seam doneI got the very very long first seem done on Saturday but that’s as far as I got as we spent Sunday on the road.
This is probably going to be a charity quilt.  I don’t know how big it will be because the roll was hand made and I believe it had more than the usual number of strips.  Anyway, I should have this top sewn together this week and then it will be ready for quilting. 

That means that I also need to get quilting on the baby quilt that is currently waiting: the backing is already on the frame.  It begins to sound like I have a lot to do, doesn’t it?

funnyToday DH and I did a walk through an antique mall we like.  While there I saw this bench.  I immediately wished I had had it when my 45 year old daughter was a teen.  And then she could have used it when her daughter was a teen.  And now it could be passed down because said granddaughter is having a daughter later this year …….. we wish her luck.  Winking smile

I will be linking with Patchwork Times and What a Hoot.  And now I better get busy with all those projects I have lined up.  Gari


Bonnie said...

Love the bench! But I would have needed a bad boy bench. The owls are looking great. I'll be interested to see what you are going to do with the jelly roll quilt. By the way -- you don't have a link on the What a Hoot words. I was all set to click over there just to see what it is! Have a productive week.

Ramona said...

That bench is a riot! I could have used one in my house, too! Your owls are coming along nicely. I, too, am intrigued by your jelly roll quilt. Happy quilting!

A Nudge said...

Adorable owls!

Kate said...

We definitely could have used the Bad Girls Bench when DT was little. She's rarely in trouble these days.

The owls are looking good!

LynCC said...
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LynCC said...

Blogger is being so weird! It's picking and choosing to email-notify me only about 2/3 of the comments that are put on my posts, and apparently it's stopped telling my about yours, too, now. How frustrating!

So I stopped in here to say I LOVE the owls - it must be a slow progress weaving the sticks at the corners, but it sure does look great.

And about "gutting" the applique - there's two points of interior trimming with the fusible applique: when you're prepping the fusible pieces and then when you're stitching the edges on the final piece.

The fusibles - after shapes have been traced, when I cut them apart from the sheet of that stuff, I cut from the outside into the inside at a non-fidgety spot, then cut away the interior about 1/4" from the traced line. For full disclosure, it does sometimes get a bit tricky handling funky larger pieces since it's now in outline form. But it's well worth the softer end-product.

Then, when I'm sewing them down, I trim the backs out once I've finished the block if it was a simple layering, but sometimes on more complicated layerings, I work in stages. I'll do the bottom layer, trim that out, do the next, trim it out, etc. Usually, though, I just do everything on the block first.

Hope I made sense!

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