Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Do I Need To Buy More Needles?

new projectWith my green socks completed I found that I wanted/needed to start another pair.  I think that I will always be knitting socks even as I wander into new knitting arenas    Anyway I am making gray socks this time.  There is a little color in there which I think will translate into a tweed-like fabric.  I think I will be able to start them tomorrow.

ever growingMy scarf is coming along.   I have been knitting on it for the last 30 minutes of my time in the studio.  I am not going very fast but of course we are not expecting winter to arrive any time soon.

down from the sleeve And I have added about 3” to this sweater.  It has been my studio knitting project but today I moved it into the house so maybe it will move along a little faster.

next sweaterAnd just to spur me on I am preparing for a new sweater project.  I have even sent for the yarn: this is a first.  I usually shop for yarn at the three yarn shops that are within 100 miles of home but I have trouble finding bulky yarn and/or colors I like.  So I have sent for a lavender heather bulky yarn.
And would you believe, I have even gotten some sewing and quilting done.

But now I’ve gotta go because I need to do my nightly knitting prior to bedtime.

I will be linking with On The Needles at Patchwork Times.   Gari


BarbCarol said...

Love your socks. Teaching myself to knit just one pair of socks is my goal for this winter. I am going to figure out those circular needles for sure.

Ramona said...

Your sweater is looking great! And the new pattern is lovely. I have not tried toe-up socks yet, but want to. Maybe once I finish the two pair I am knitting now.

Kate said...

You have lots of pretty yarn projects in the works. I really like that yarn you are using for your newest pair of socks.

LynCC said...

oooo!! I love Nothing Is All Black and White. :D That turned neat with the pops of color. And the quilting on the owls quilt is fun. Nice touch with the whoots on the plain blocks. Speaking of which - I've been hearing Great Horned Owls calling to each other in the night again this month. :) Maybe they'll have a baby and clear my yard of some of these pesky moles!!