Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blank Wall

There is nothing on my design wall.  I decided to take the owl blocks down as I seem to be stalled in the sashing and sewing sections together.  I really wanted to get that quilt done in time for our guild quilt show in November but then I realized that I was putting too much pressure on myself and making it no fun at all.  So I have put it away and will not bring it back out until after the first of the year.

cut squaresThis weekend I used my GO to cut strips and squares: this was done as a break from knitting (kind of a reverse from my usual time management).  My current plan is to start sewing these together, two by two, sometime this week.  No, I don’t have a plan, yet, but eventually I will have.  Meanwhile I will be sewing and probably cutting more strips and squares.

more stripsI have some strips ready to cut more but I really like to have the die full so that I am cutting fabric and not the mat.

And it seems that I have a “commission” quilt coming.  It is for DH.  He came to me today and said that he is culling his extensive t-shirt collection and wants me to begin putting together.  Several years ago I suggested a t-shirt quilt and told him to cut each shirt he wanted in the quilt up the back and then I would cut the part I wanted to use.  What did he do?  He cut each little logo out.  So this time I told him to cut “nothing”, just bring me the t-shirts as he comes across them.

In addition to cutting, sewing, and knitting, I am going to try to empty some studio furniture, that is going to a pet adoption yard sale, and then move some other furniture around.  I have been planning this for a few months but with the yard sale coming in October I need to get these things moved out onto the deck and ready to go.  The bad thing about this plan is that everything in the studio is going to be in more of a mess than it usually is.  The good thing is that I will able to build a large fabric storage wall.  Oh, won’t that be nice?

And now it is time to check out, at Patchwork Times, what lots of other people are up to, creatively.  I do hope that everyone has a great week.  Gari


loulee said...

Looking forward to seeing how you use those squares.

Bonnie said...

A Go cutter! I am jealous. I've been "gifted" out this year with the enhancements to Ruthie but next year it is a possibility!

I love my open storage shelves for my fabric. It's in a hallway that doesn't get sunlight on it or much light at all unless I turn on the light so I feel it is pretty safe from fading. Good luck with the moving and rearranging that must come with that!

Dar said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with for all those squares. I need some guidance for doing the same.

Kate said...

Sounds like you have great plans for the sewing studio. I would love to see your "wall of fabric"!