Thursday, September 25, 2014

Needles Flashing Here

new socksI decided to show my progress on the new socks first because they are lots prettier than the sweater I am working on.  I decided to make the toes a little longer than usual because I wear mostly Birkenstocks in the winter and I wanted the beauty if the yarn to show.  I am doing a 1x1 rib on the top and that will continue on all of the ankle part.

headed tio heelI had thought I might be close to the heel but I think I have a little further to go before I begin that turn. 

continued progressHere the picture is of the back of the sweater (the completed part) lying on top of the fronts which are not yet completed.  But look how close I am getting.

44 rows to goFrom counting the “bumps” on the back I think I have 44 rows to go.  I repeatedly say that I am a slow knitter but I am trying to devote time to getting these fronts done so I can start on the sleeves.

AbbyThis is the look I get from Abby every time I pick up my knitting because it takes up puppy space on my lap.

always happySherlock, however, is always happy, no matter what.

Tomorrow I will be without my car because our son-in-law borrowed it to drive a a high school girl in a Homecoming parade.  To me this means that I “have” to spend most of the day in the studio bouncing between knitting and quilting projects.  Saturday DH will be gone all day to judge a Jr. Miss pageant.  He has been doing this for over 30 years and always has a good time with the other judges and I will have lots of “play” time.  By Sunday our lives will be back to normal which should also include knitting and quilting and eating.  Hope you also have a great weekend.  Gari

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Mary said...

The color of your yarn for the socks is great and they look like they will be toasty warm. Love the texture of your sweater. Enjoy your time quilting or knitting tomorrow.

straythreads said...

great socks and warm looking!!I miss my little dog anytime I did hand sewing on a quilt she was ready to hop in my lap under the quilt.

Ramona said...

Your feet will be so warm in those socks. Toasty. :) Your sweater is coming along!

Kate said...

Your socks remind me of fall, they are so pretty. Hope you enjoyed your stitching time this weekend.