Sunday, September 28, 2014

A New Beginning

2 patches on the wallThere is something new on my Design Wall.  These are sets of 2 2 1/2” squares.  And these are all I have sewn.

ready to sew 2But I am set up to continue (as soon as I have my sweater fronts done).  I will need to cut more so I will be setting those fabrics aside while I begin to clean out the studio.

ES labelWhile I was doing my little bit of sewing I made the label for Easy Street.  I started this quilt on 12/1/12 and completed it on 2/23/13.  It is a queen sized quilt that was full of little tiny pieces (Bonnie Hunter) so for some reason I ran out of steam before the label could be made.  However Easy Street is going into our guild quilt show in November and is required to to have a label: I guess it was finally time.

IMG_3769Last Friday my car was used to transport a Homecoming Queen in a parade.  Prior to the parade the car was “spiffed up” by my son-in-law.  Left on the floor was this sign.  I had throw it out on the driveway when I left to drive SIL back to work on Friday afternoon and for some reason didn’t see it when I came home.  On Saturday morning DH left very early for his Jr. Miss judging.  On his way to his car he found the sign and, with his crazy sense of humor, he taped it onto our storm door,  and left with a big grin on his face.  I got up later, went to take the dogs out and was confronted by this smile.  Now I do have to say that while I have been dealing with health issues DH has been doing more and more to make life easier for me.  He has taken on almost all of the cooking and does the majority of the pet care around here.  So the statement on the sign really made me smile even as I was laughing at Mr. Smiley Face.

stick bugAnd finally my nature picture.  I don’t know the official name of this bug but I call them “stick bugs.”  This one is almost 9” long and was located right outside the door of my studio.

And now I am off to knit a little, sew a little, and link with Patchwork Times.    Gari


Ramona said...

Your label is so pretty! Love it. Maybe I do need an embroidery machine! :D Great sign, too!

Bonnie said...

great label. Hey, although I used to give talks about labeling quilts most are not labeled at this point. Sigh. I love the embroidered label. I wish I could easily figure that out for my machine. I fear I would need to learn a new software program and I balk at it. I'm learning the computer system for the long arm. That's enough for the brain right now. Nice post today Definitely made me smile. Your DH is a definite keeper.

Judy D in WA said...

Oh Gari, I'm sorry you are having health issues. Sounds like you are getting some pretty good care. I love his quirky sense of humor.
Love your blocks. This will be a fun quilt.

AnnieO said...

Fancy label for a labor of love! Bonnie's designs have a LOT of little pieces. Nice of your DH to make you laugh too.
I think the bug is actually called a Walking Stick, isn't it?

Wilma NC said...

Just getting back to the blogging world. Sorry you are under the weather. But you seem to be staying productive. How is WW?

Kate said...

Love your Easy Street Label, its gorgeous.

Sounds like your guy knows how to make you laugh. Hope you are feeling much better now.