Friday, September 19, 2014

Knit one, Pearl one, Pearl, Pearl, Pearl

9 12 inches frontsTalk about lack of knitting excitement.  This is my two sweater fronts at 9 1/2” with only 17 1/2” to go.  It is 1x1 rib and then pearl back over and over and over again so it is not hard, except when I get off on the 1x1 and have to rip out 3 rows, but with 106 stitches between the two fronts, it doesn’t go very fast.

Can you see that little orange marker in the lower left corner?  When I started doing the two fronts together I got confused as to which one I left off with.  So I have them hooked together so they almost knit as one.  This has made the process much easier and kept them even.

toes doneI finally got back to my new socks and got the toes done.  I am now ready to just knit on the foot part (yes, I know it is called the instep but to me it is just the foot part as opposed to the toe, heel, ankle/leg).  This yarn is very soft so I plan on having very warm feet this winter no matter what the weather.

tire planterSo for a little color I thought I would add this little vignette from our deck.  The chair is one or two we got at an arts festival in Fairhope, AL a couple of years ago.  They are really comfortable.  We bought some several years ago and wore them out so were really happy to see this family owned business still going.

The bright yellow/orange planter was purchased last weekend on our Flea Market trip in FL.  It is made from a golf cart tire.  For some reason I was impressed by this recycling use and also I had the perfect plant to put it in.  We needed a little color on our deck and this was just the thing.

Today I am taking it easy as I seem to have pulled two ribs apart and have a very painful left side.  DH bought me an elastic band to hold my ribs together but it doesn’t help much when I either cough or sneeze.  Also I have found that shallow breathing is tiring to do over an extended period of time.  That said, my hectic plan for this weekend is to spend a great deal of time knitting.

I hope everyone has a great weekend (share with me, please) and I am, as usual, linking with Patchwork TimesGari


Ramona said...

I hope your ribs heal quickly! Thankfully you have two great knitting projects to work on while you are recuperating. Your planter is very cool! It's amazing what people recycle.

BarbCarol said...

Knitting is good therapy for your ribs. It may be my iPad, but when I try it link with Patchwork Times it just reloads your blog??

Bonnie said...

Love the plant holder. It does provide a nice pop of color. Re slow knitting -- think how happy you'll be when you finish cause you'll be twice as far along!