Sunday, March 1, 2015

Design Machine Bed

My design wall today is the bed of my sewing machine where I am working on my "secret" project.  I spent part of the weekend finding matching threads.  It is really funny how many shades of blue I have.  And the same went for most of the other colors.  I was really glad that the machine has natural light cuz that helped me find the best threads.
And today being March 1st meant that I could download my BOM blocks for this month.  I quickly printed, copied, and cut the pieces of the Gingerbread man and look forward to fabric hunting tomorrow.
I was very disappointed  that the Morning Glory pattern was not up today but at least I have one to work on while I wait.
As I said in my last post, my little pillows are done and almost ready to send to my mother so she can pin them on the "family" pillow I made for her several years ago.  I thought I was done with this project but this morning I realized we have another baby (great grand for us) due in May.  Maybe I need to have a talk with our family members about a cease and desist order. ;-)
But for now it is time to link with Patchwork Times and What a Hoot.  And then get busy making this a productive week.  Gari


Bonnie said...

Oooh, secret projects! Fun. I've rather given up on having lots of colors of piecing thread. But, embroidery or long arm? Yea, I have a few.

I think Morning Glory comes out during the middle of the month. Not sure. I just grab it when I get their email. Not that I'm making any of the boms I get!

Kate said...

You've gotten a lot done. Love those little photo pillows!

pollyanna said...

Those little pillows are adorable :) And congrats on needing to make another!

Sharie - Moss Bluff said...


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Quilter Kathy said...

no no no... no cease and desist!! Enjoy all the grand babies! LOL
I can't wait for them to arrive, but am trying to be patient, and am enjoying the neighbours babies while I wait!

Lynette said...

Love the babies' pillows! They're so cute. :D