Friday, March 27, 2015

New Socks Started

Last weekend my daughter called and asked me if I would drive her to the doctor.  She has developed a sharp pain in her back and needed to find out what it was and what could be done to relieve her.  Knowing how long a wait I could anticipate I quickly grabbed some sock yarn, wound it into two balls and did my Judy's Magic Cast-on to get two at a time toe up socks started.  Later that evening I checked my many sock patterns for one I had been seeing on the Facebook page Addicted to Sock Knitting.  The one I came up with was Monkey Socks that I had been seeing online.  I have never followed a pattern well, difficulty following directions has always been a problem with me, but everyone said this was an easy and fun pattern so I printed it out and got ready to start.  On these socks I have completed one 11 row round and despite several problems, always on the first sock, they seem to be coming out all right.  I can't remember what the yarn is but will try to find the band before the next showing, but it feels like cotton (not) and is soft to the touch. 

The funny thing was watching people watch me knit.  They commented on the "tiny" needles and asked what those two little nubs (beginning toes) were going to be.  Then they just stared at me as I knit.  Nothing like being on display while you are knitting.  However I was the only person in the waiting room that brought something to occupy myself while I waited.  Interesting.

Then I thought I would share one more time my bright green, etc., socks and how they look on my feet.  This was taken while I was waiting for DH to finish his antiquing last weekend.  And I am wearing them again today as here in the Deep South it is cool and my feet were getting cold.  I figure I will be packing up my socks pretty soon but the weather is encouraging me to keep them out a while longer.  No problem.

I hope everyone has a fun weekend.  DH is on Spring  Break for the next week so we will be moving furniture and doing a little spring cleaning. Since I have become somewhat disabled he is doing more and more of the heavy cleaning but I plan to be in there doing what I can.  And when we work together it is work and fun with lots of laughs along the way.  Gari

I am linking with Patchwork Times' On the Needles post for this week.


straythreads said...

great socks love the colors. I too always take socks or reading mitts to knit while i am waiting

Dar said...

Love your socks. I always have something to do while waiting for any appointment - from doctors to car repairs. I know what you mean about people staring as you knit. I think they are wishing they knew how.

Ramona said...

I'm amazed at how many people don't bring anything to do while waiting. It's wasted time!! 😀 Your finished socks are so happy! And you new pair is starting off great!!

Jan said...

Don't ask me how I found your blog, I get lost in blogland all too often! I really enjoyed poking around, though. We have lots in common, I'm a quilter and sock knitter...and a Jeep Mama! Not only is my son Jeep crazy, but our town boasts that they are the true home of the jeep...the prototype for the jeep was built here...and we also have the Guiness world record for having the longest Jeep parade (1106 Jeeps) in 2011!

Good heavens, how I ramble...come see me sometime at

Have a great day,

Judy S. said...

Interesting that you are doing the Monkey socks toe up. Do you then have to change the direction of the stitch pattern? Hope your daughter is OK now!