Sunday, March 29, 2015

Design Shirt

This week was more of a knitting week and somewhat of a recovery from too much exertion.  Therefore I chose to work on something that allowed me to sit and yet find a sense of accomplishment.  This is a shirt that I have had for a couple years, wanting to put owls on it but not finding what was just right.  Then Artistic Thread Works came out with this set of owls and I knew they were perfect.  I don't like overdoing embroidery designs on one shirt so I like the front as is, just three and spread out.  The back, however, I am not sure is finished.  My original idea was to have 6 owls on the back but I stopped at 3.  The shirt is quite long and I feel that it is looking quite blank.  I would be interested in anyone's ideas about whether or not to fill in some of the space.


This afternoon we had a visitor.  I was in the studio starting a new pair of socks when I heard the dogs barking like crazy.  This happens pretty regularly but when they didn't stop I had to go out to see if someone was there and this is who I saw.  I watched him for quite some time and he only moved his head: looked toward us, away, and back again.  I think he thought he couldn't be seen if he stood still.

But then he decided that no one was coming for him and he just wandered away.  And as a parting gesture he crisscrossed at the end of the driveway driving the dogs to bark in a frenzy.  It was really funny and was the laugh of the day.

DH is on Spring Break this week and I have already scheduled a week of Spring Cleaning.  I started today in the studio and tomorrow we are going to be working toward rearranging the bedroom.  We brought home two large boxes to put possible giveaway things.  And, of course, there will be a lot of throw away stuff.  We have to do this because we ordered a new massage chair and it should be delivered the following week.  But rest assured I will also be spending quality time in the studio, stitching on my BOMs and prepping the new ones.

As usual I will be listing with Patchwork Times and then it is off to work I go.  Have a great week.  Gari


BarbCarol said...

Love your owls. Generally I try to follow the "less is more" philosophy of art. Shirt looks great!

Cathy said...

The owls are looking so pretty! I love that idea.

Dar said...

I like the owl shirt just the way it is unless you could stitch a tree and put those owls on a limb! lol
Good luck on your Spring cleaning.

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Cute owl shirt! It looks balanced, and I would leave the back as is, with all the attention
focused at the top rather than farther down the backside.

Bonnie said...

Your owl shirt is giving me great inspiration. My hoops aren't huge and I've hesitated doing any shirts because I didn't have enough room to do the whole yoke area. Well duh! You have the perfect solution. Now to find time. Good luck with the cleaning. I look at my windows and say "hire someone!"