Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fish Lips Kiss

This has been a good knitting week.  I am getting closer to finishing these socks (and I have already begun a new pair).  My knitting slowed down as I decided to start a new, to me, kind of heel. 
This heel is called Fish Lips Kiss can't you see why?  I made a lot of mistakes while learning how to do this but I think, if it fits well, I will use it again.  Anyway, this heel can be purchased for $1 on Ravely and then there are YouTube videos.  I would read the pattern, watch appropriate video and try to do what she just demonstrated.  Sometimes I could and sometimes, not so much.  I have another pair of socks ready for heels (the black and white ones) so I'll start on them this weekend, before I forget all I have learned.

I have also been knitting on my tunic but since it does not look much different, only longer, I didn't bother to take a picture.  I hope to be able to show the back and front almost done, soon.

Today I got new tires on my car.  Our son-in-law works at the dealers and he had seen my tires last week.  He told DH that he either needed me to get new tires or he should get more insurance on me.  (We did have a talk about that).  Anyway, before we left the lot I put the top down and drove home in the most beautiful weather.  I can't knit while I am driving but I think I will carve out a little "on the road" time this weekend, it really felt good.  Gari


Catherine said...

I have only ever knit one pair of socks but I did use the FLK method for the heel. I found it so easy to do and the Ravelry support group helped me through it. I'll start knitting socks again in the Autumn. Your socks are bound to cheer you up. What a colour!

Dar said...

Good for you for trying a new heel. I have not been as brave yet. I think you nailed it and the color of these socks is great. I still haven't done the toe up technique, which is what I wanted to try. Maybe my next pair. :)