Thursday, April 2, 2015

Progress on all Fronts

My monkey socks are coming along even though I have had less knitting time this week: I am almost done with the third round. 

We finally got ready to move my cart to the bedroom, not an easy undertaking for two 70+s, both of whom have bad backs.  But after a few days of moving almost everything in the bedroom, we finally got it done.
Because of the strenuous work we were doing, and our ages, we took several breaks.  DH used his breaks to watch the movies he downloaded.  My breaks were to rest in the studio and begin a new pair of socks.  I really like this yarn, a hand dyed done by the owner of our recently closed yarn shop.  It is a soft yarn that feels very strong.  It is good to have a studio project again.  And I may even start a third pair since I now have my comfortable bedroom chair uncovered and ready for occupancy.   

I don't know how everyone else keeps their needles but I have found that mine are all over the place.  To make matters worse, as our LYS was closing everything was on sale and I tried to stock-up on whatever I thought I might need and that especially meant needles.  And of course that meant that my needle problem increased and I needed to figure out a solution.  I decided I wanted to get a small card catalogue: each drawer would hold a different size needle set(s).  However, card catalogues, whether small or large, are VERY EXPENSIVE.  Then last week I found this little chest of drawers.   
My plan is to segment the drawers by either 4 or 5 so I can have either 12 or 15 different sizes, each in it's own little space.  I am going to label each section and try to stay organized.

And on a clearly non-knitting note, today Taco Bell returned to our small town.  About 3 years ago the old one closed because the owner of the building wanted to raise the rent and wouldn't make needed repairs.  We have mourned the closing and today cheered the brand new building, new owners, and the tacos I like the best.
Friday I will be linking with Patchwork Times and then I will be sewing, knitting, sewing, and knitting all day long.  Hope you all have as much fun as I will be having.  Gari



Ramona said...

What a great little chest for your needles. Mine are all in a zipper bag, which means I need to put them into the sizing gauge to see what size they are before knitting. Your socks are looking great!

Dar said...

You have been busy and have a lot to show for it. Your monkey socks are coming along nicely.

swooze said...

Cute socks! Good luck with your organization.