Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Away from home

Today I drove to Lakeland, FL for a short visit with my mother. I am staying at the Hyatt and what a neat room this is. That TV is a 50" plasma, just for me. It swivels so I can watch from the bed or the 8' long couch.

Right now I am sitting in that corner, stretched out on the foot stool.

Anyway, I woke up at 4:30 am and heard rain. I checked the weather online and saw a BIG storm coming my way. So, I finished packing up the car and took off, just ahead of the storm. On the road for 8.5 hours, a little rain and the traffic was well behaved. Of course that might have been because there were more state troopers on the interstates than I have ever seen: lots of flashing lights. I, of course, was perfect and sailed along.

No quilting going on this week but I have started a "to do" list both for the end of the month and the first of the year. My LQS is doing a BOM (Eleanor Burns) next year and it will be the first feed sack type of quilt I have ever done. My UFO's include one BOM not sewn and one BOM not quilted. I guess that means I better get busy on what I have while I start another one, huh?


pollyanna said...

Wow! A 50' plasma TV just for you! What a nice room :) Glad you sailed along ahead of the storm. Enjoy!

Wilma NC said...

Nice digs!! I think I would stay a while, lol.

Julie said...

But all the fun is in starting new projects. LOL. That is probably why I have so many UFOs.