Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back Home

Short but good trip/visit, lots of driving (9 hrs each way), feeling good sitting in my own chair.

This is what my mother gave me as a birthday gift.

She knows that I am the primary finance officer in the family. The $$ that goes in the His Money pig drops right down into the Her Money pig. I love it, don’t you?

When I got home it was time to put up the tree and decorate it with the ornaments I bought last Christmas.

The balls are Jim Shore’s 12 Days of Christmas with quilting motifs. The snowmen are a tribute to the Styrofoam snowmen that were on the tree when I was a child. I always love those snowmen but they disappeared so I finally able to get some of my own.

So now I am sitting by my tree and fire (in the fireplace), resting up from my trip and avoiding any thoughts of work. I did empty the car but nothing has been unpacked and won’t be tonight. Tomorrow is another day…..wonder where I heard that?

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pollyanna said...

Oh I am glad the fire is in the fireplace LOL Beautiful picture! I love how the lights shine and the ornaments are so pretty. Sounds like your trip was a good one. I love driving :) Piggy bank is perfect! LOL