Saturday, December 27, 2008

This holiday season it was interesting to see how much our family loves us. At Thanksgiving we went to DS & DDIL’s house where they served Weight Watcher’s planned meals. It was wonderful that they were so thoughtful and we lost 2# over that weekend. In mid-December we received an email from DDIL in CO. She likes to bake wonderful cookies for Christmas but before making some for us she asked if we would prefer to not be tempted. While saying “yes” to her, I also was able to tell her how much I appreciated her thoughtfulness in honoring our efforts toward a more healthful way of life. Then for Christmas dinner our DD made a wonderful and yet Weight Watcher friendly meal. She, of course, is also on WW so everyone was helped by her thoughtfulness. But over this month I have been impressed by this very loving show of our children’s support.

I have had a great weekend: I have been in the studio. I have been working on my Black & White challenge quilt. Prior to Christmas I had cut all the strips and since Christmas I have sewn all the blocks (30). I did have to laugh when I looked at my design wall and realized that there are once again three UFO on the wall with me working on something else. For the challenge I am using left over fabric from this B&W project plus some new pieces. I am not showing anything of the new quilt yet because the plan is kind of coming as I sew. LOL

And there will be no sewing for the next couple of days. We leave very early tomorrow morning to go to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl: DH is a Northwestern Graduate. Living in Al there are very few NU games we can get to. I did make DH something to wear for the game:
I couldn't find any of these things in purple so I dyed them. I was really happy with how they came out and DH is planning to wear them. He also got a new NU tee shirt from DD so he will really be outfitted.
Anyway I am not taking the computer with me because we will either be on the road, visiting the Alamo, at the game, or sleeping, for the next three days.


pollyanna said...

Delightful family. They are really honoring you and showing their love. And a beautiful jacket! The purple briefs made me laugh :)

Carrie said...

Can't wait to see the black and white project. Love the purple socks and unders -- what devotion to your team!

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

love the jacket!

thanks for visiting my site. even though you didn't win scraps this week, you can try again next week as I'll be doing another contest.

happy holidays and a wonderful new year!