Sunday, December 21, 2008

The picture quality is not great (cell phone) but isn't this the neatest way to enter into Christmas week? What you are looking at is great grandson, Skylar (Sky) with his Grandpa Santa.

Now a puzzle: what in the world are these? No prizes as I am all gifted out what with Christmas, but I think they really look funny.

I think we are almost ready for Christmas. We have either made or gotten all of our gifts with the exception of two: one is still on backorder and the other will be a gift card that I will get getting tomorrow.

We have heard from my SIL: they got electricity shortly after I posted that they were out. However it is snowing there now and they are expecting another ice storm soon. It's a good thing they got a new cord of wood for the stove, it sounds like they may need it.

And here in the South, we are supposed to be going down to 22F tonight with a brisk breeze. I should tell you that I really don't like to be cold. But at least we won't have ice to wake up to.


Julie said...

I know, I know. They are can cozies for canned drinks!! I know b/c I have been thinking of making some myself and I have one that I got as a freebie in my sewing room right now to use as a pattern. They look sort of like fish in your photo!
The Christmas photo is just too cute.

loulee1 said...

The little man is loving being sat there.

Hot water bottle covers?

Wilma NC said...

Cozies to keep canned drinks cold and from getting all wet!! Cute idea.

Pat said...

LOVE the look on the great-grandson's face! Found your blog after you visited mine and commented. Thanks for going there to comment and GOOD FOR YOU for working on something for yourself now. Too often we women don't take enough time to recharge our own batteries!
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.