Wednesday, December 31, 2008

San Antonio was Wonderful

I can't say enough about what a good time we had, even though our team, in overtime, lost. DH was thrilled to be in a sea of purple:


and at the game.

We started our day at The Alamo (did you know that alamo means cottonwood?). And where did we park? Right outside the wall of the fort:

We couldn't believe we found the perfect parking place where we just fed it quarters every couple of hours.

Oh, and I was there, too. I loved the fort and the mission and the people working there was not only knowledgeable but enthusiastic about both the history and the women who saved and now run the fort and mission.

We ate on the River Walk (mushrooms sauteed in a tomato & oil sauce and covered with melted swiss cheese = yum!) and then shopped in a couple of very nice antique malls. And here I have to say that all of the locals we talked to or did business with were so very nice and helpful. I can't remember being in a city and being treated so well. Anyway, by the time it was time to head for the Alamodome, I was ready for some sitting time.

The game was really fun. Northwestern led most of the game and both teams played well, for the most part. What was also nice to see was so few penalties. We would have loved to see NU win this game but since they were 2 touchdown underdogs, we were mighty pleased with their play.

It is a 14 hour drive from San Antonio to home, especially when DH has to stop every time he sees "Antique Mall" on a sign. But even with that we were home by 10:30 and I was in my little bed by 11. Now I need to get off the computer and unpack the car so I can get in the studio and pick out my fabric for Bonnie Hunter's New Years Eve Day Mystery Quilt. Being gone I am so far behind everyone else. Oh, well, tomorrow is another day (didn't I just say that?)


Julie said...

I loved San Antonio too, although it has been about 15 years since I was there. So sorry that Northwestern lost. My husband is a fan too. His grandfather took massage therapy classes there back in the Stone Age.

belinda said...

Hello....welcome to blogging...i see you are 'sorta' have a wonderful blog.....and i didn't know you were recently right in my Texas 'backyard'...glad you enjoyed your trip.