Saturday, March 21, 2009

Forgetful Blogger, Me

I forgot to show the gifts I got for winning a giveaway from Jenny.

These are Thimbleberries fat quarters. Most are sewing related which is really neat since I have been saving FQs of sewing related fabrics for some future project. Maybe this is the time to decide what I want to do. I may think about covers for my machines: 6 sitting out and used regularly.

Two of the fat quarters are food related.

I know I am going to use this one:

as strips on kitchen towels.

I have been collecting misc. chef stuff since getting this.
It is a wine rack but I use it as a plant shelf and then for other stuff: it sits at the end of the island.

The other chef things in the kitchen are:

Pretty neat, huh? Since I don’t like to cook, this is just another room to decorate. LOL

Thanks again Jenny!!


  1. Where did you get that great wine rack? It would be perfect for my sister - from Oregon and loves chefs!
    Tell me how you use 6 sewing machines at a time. I now have 2 machines and will probably use both since I have 2 quilts going. But, space is always a problem.
    Really nice kitchen!

  2. Hmm, I learned something else about you Gari, you don't like to cook!
    Sorry about the UFO brag, I SO want to get them all caught up this year! Then I will feel free to make more,lol.
    Blessings going out to your GS on his way to Afghanistan.

  3. Wow - your chef things are so neat! Glad the fabric will be useful then!!


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