Sunday, March 8, 2009

Done, Done, Done

Done, I’m done. All three of the kid’s quilts I am giving away are sewn, snipped, washed, dried, rewashed and redried and are ready to go to three little kids (see story here ). Last night I finished the third quilt for the older boy, 3 ½, and washed and dried it once.

Then I washed and dried it again this morning. I was very impressed with how the border blocks fit right to the body of the quilt and were neither lighter or heaver, especially since I used flannel for the blocks and polyester batting for the body.

Also last night I decided that there should be a quilt for the mother also so I am going to include this.

I have had this one in the studio for a few months, see posting about it here, and it just kind of jumped out at me saying “I need to go along with the rag quilts.” So this is what I will be sending with my daughter on Wednesday.

I am taking them all to Weight Watchers Monday since I snipped all through the meeting last Monday and was asked if they would be able to see the finished quilts (non-quilters there). I will also be taking them to guild on Tuesday (showing them off) and then to my daughter on Wednesday. I believe she will be taking them to the family on Thursday.

Today I tried getting back to some of my neglected projects. I am in an internet machine embroidery block swap. I had already done the embroidery part prior to the above tragedy so today I prepared the rest of the parts to the block.

I will probably sew them together tomorrow. I have two BOM’s to do, one due next week, and a quilt ready to be put on the frame. I am thinking about trying my first pantograph on it and am procrastinating, one of my finer accomplishments.


Pat said...

The quilts for that family are wonderful and you have a very good heart to give them such comforting gifts at this difficult time (and to include one for the mom, too). I am sure the mom will be so touched by your kindness.

Lurline said...

Gari, I am so impressed with you quilt with the raggy border - do you mind telling me how big you made the border blocks, please?
Hugs - Lurline♥

QuiltedSimple said...

These look fabulous! You did a fantastic job on them - I am sure the family will love them.!

Purpleflowerpatch said...

What a beautiful job you have done on these quilts, and what a beautiful heart you have!

Kay said...

This was an extremely generous project. Beautiful quilts too. Good for you.

Kris said...

Wow! You've been busy! You did a great job and your children are so lucky!

Jana said...

That mom is going to love your kindness! Wonderful quilts!

Wilma NC said...

Everything is so pretty!!

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh these are beautiful! I'm sure the family will love them. You are so generous to think of them in their time of need!