Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There has been no sewing or quilting here since Monday. Monday I did get the last of 28 appliqué blocks finished and began looking at the additional fabrics (by the way, this is still a secret so can’t show anything yet). I had decided on the coordinating fabric some time ago but a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t find it. So, since I was so close to being ready for it, I decided on a different fabric that I also really liked for this quilt. Then on Monday I found the original fabric so was in a quandary that took up the rest of Monday.

Tuesday I went to a class for embroidery software. Even at my advanced age I try to keep up to date and learn the new things that come with upgrades. But by the time I left Monday afternoon my head was spinning. Yet, to keep learning, I signed up for a class on EQ6 on April 3.

So today I had planned to do the laundry, a never ending job, and play with the above mentioned software. However, yesterday afternoon my son from CO called to say his son, who is in the Air Force, is just 75 miles away and will be there until today at 8 when he will be leaving for Afghanistan and would I be interested in going to visit with him. So of course off I went this morning. This is Chris

And this is me with him.

Also with us were his other grandparents. We had a good visit and then lunch. I left them after we took Chris to Best Buy to pick up a power cord for his laptop (he seemed to think it wouldn’t hold a charge for 6 months) and then the others were then on their way to the AF base so he could get a belt he also had forgotten to pack. Our prayers will be going with Chris.

So, tomorrow I HAVE to do laundry (how boring) and will play with the software, but if I can I must sneak over to the studio to get some fabric ready to make “hundreds” of half square triangles. Oh, my!


Pat said...

My prayers are with Chris and the many other military personnel who work so tirelessly to maintain our freedoms. We have a young woman in our family (also Air Force) who is in the Air Police (or whatever their police officers are called). She has been told she will be going to Afghanistan in the fall. I'm glad you got to see Chris and have lunch with him. I'm sure he was happy about that, too.

Lurline said...

Oh, I hope little angels hover around Chris and look after him - best wishes! My, gorgeous looks sure run in your family!
Hugs - Lurline♥

QuiltedSimple said...

I'll be keeping Chris and his fellow military personnel in my thoughts and prayers!

PDXGramma said...

Our prayers are certainly with Chris. Our grandson went to Iraq and is home. It makes a grandparent so proud to see their grandsons serve this country.

karenfae said...

I'm so glad that you got the chance to see your grandson before he left for Afghanistan. My nieces husband will soon be leaving for their also. Let's all hope that these young people are watched over.