Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain

And it continues to rain, rain, rain. 6+” last weekend and at least 2.5” today. Now, I really like rain and have no problem with it raining except for one little thing. I bought a new camera yesterday and really wanted to go out and try it out on the new blooming spring. I did get this one shot before the rain got going hard.

So, how did I do? It is going to take some getting used to looking through the view finder and then there is the figuring out what all the settings are. This is a low end SLR camera but the first one I have ever had that I can get accessories for (opps, more money?). Why a new camera you may ask. Well, I tried to get a close up shot of something last week and the camera, which I really like, would not focus on it. Since I started blogging I have been taking more pictures and I keep seeing things I want to shoot, either for me, the family, or the blog and DH and I decided it was time to upgrade: he is also going to use it. We bought a SD card for each of us so there should be no mix-up with pictures.

I have not been in the studio for three days. Sunday DH and I went shopping and antiquing. All I bought was two more pair of Crocs. I do love those shoes and have several: here are a few.

This is my “shoe tree.”

Monday we took clothes to Goodwill and then shopped for fabric (oh, shock) and the new camera. Today was laundry day and I got it all done along with some computer work. But I still wanted to use the camera so I have decided to share my glass owl collection.

This is my dining area. I bought the wicker buffet top at a consignment store and it allows the light to come from behind the owls so the color shows up nicely

These are in my bedroom, also up against a window. Every once in a while I rearrange them, moving owls from room to room.

And these are in the bathroom. I love the little owl shot glasses. We don’t see many of this kind of glass so I tend to hyperventilate when I find them. There are more: they have been collected over the past 26 years. There are owls in every room in the house and even in the studio. I have other owls also but they are scattered rather than grouped. I have been collecting them for over 40 years. But when someone gave me my first glass owl creamer, I was hooked.

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Carol E. said...

What kind of camera did you get? Mine is relatively new, too. It's a Nikon P80. Not an SLR, but understanding an SLR has helped me with this one. I learned on an SLR years ago (using film, of courese). I'm glad I did. Oh, the reason I'm writing a comment is to talk about YOU, not me... I LOVE the gorgeous shot you got of the rosebud in the rain. fabulous.