Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finish-Thank You-Apology

Whoever said it was a good idea to do pieced borders? Well, whoever it was didn’t say what a pain they are.

And, did they come out even on their own? NO they did not. I had to “fudge” a little, increasing some seams, like this.

But the outer border was much easier and now the top is done.

I won a giveaway from Quilter Jan. This beautiful pen was made by her husband and now is mine. Isn't it beautiful? Thanks, again, Jan.

And lastly a heartfelt apology. I recently was given some chicken fabric and when I posted it, Belinda of Brown Dirt Cottage offered to send me some more if I wanted it. Of course I did and she sent these. When it arrived there was no name or with it and I couldn’t find the email to tell me who it was that was sending it. I didn’t post it’s arrival because I didn’t know who to thank. The fabric is wonderful and I am already beginning the process of quilt planning/design to include these fabrics with the others. Thanks Belinda.


  1. The quilt is beautiful, and yes pieced borders are a pain to get to fit exactly. It looks like you did a good job of it though.

  2. I agree pieced borders can be a pain and sometimes you have to fudge - sometimes more than others but they almost always turn out looking good - just don't point out the mistakes and it will be your secret!

  3. love the top. the hard work, Pain, paid off!

  4. Yes....I too have done some pieced borders...oh, I had to figure and figure and figure to get it to fit...but like how it looks....I glad to here you are starting on the chicken quilt.....and it's my fault my note to you got left out in my hurry to get it sent to you!!

  5. Wow, your hard work did pay off. The border really sets of the quilt!!! looks amazing! I feel your pain, I have done the pieced borders, too. I try to avoid them, but they do add alot of interest!

  6. Oh that turned out beautiful!


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