Monday, July 6, 2009

Quilting Rebellion

My design wall still has the Christmas swap blocks on it and then over them I have put some ideas for a gift quilt. I, however, have decided that at this time I don’t want to work on either. I will leave them up until I need the space and if I am not ready to work on them by then, back to the UFO shelf they go.

On Friday I took a stroll through a local nursery and these hydrangea bushes “jumped” into my car.

I had them sitting in the shade of an oak tree and started digging a hole. This was not a successful venture as we live on clay which is HARD. I dug a little and then filled it with water with the idea of the clay getting softer. When I went out later there was a really big hole. Seems that DH had seen my puny effort and took that as an excuse to go to Walmart where he bought a post hole digger. So we got the first one planted in. Then we started the little bit of digging and water soaking routine for the second. Last night we had a storm and are having off and on storms all day today so the ground should be receptive by tomorrow and the second one can go in.

I have started a new project. I have decided to do a Snail’s Trail quilt, similar to one I saw in the latest issue of Fabric Trends. I am going to do this one in batiks and these are the ones I have chosen.

And this is all I have gotten cut. The pattern calls for 14 fabrics so there is still a lot of cutting to do: did I ever say I HATE cutting?

My other sewing accomplishment was to get my Eleanor BOM block done for July. This is the second Dresden plate block I have done: this one I machine appliqu├ęd which was much easier on my hands. But this block is so easy that I may think up a Dresden quilt to do.

And now, before I get to the dishes and then the studio, I think I will accept DH's invitation to lunch.


Pat said...

GREAT idea to do a snail's trail in batiks!

True Blue Nana said...

Beautiful hydrandgeas, They would have jumped in my car if I had seen them first. You should see my mother's back yard. She has huge hydrangeas and they are so beautiful.

loulee said...

I love Dresdens.

Jessica said...

Soooo....Todd gets his love of having an excuse to go out and buy hardware toys from his father. It all makes sense now. Also, I love the batik fabrics. Very nice colors.

Gina said...

The fabrics for your Snail's trail are fabulous. It'll be a gorgeous quilt when you've finished

Love and hugs Gina xxx