Thursday, July 9, 2009

Snails are on the Move

Besides housework, swimming, puppy playing, and blog reading, I have been working on my new quilt project. What have I learned? That snail’s trail blocks take a LOT of fabric cutting. First you cut two strips of fabric for each snail (4 to a block). Then you cut 5 different sized squares.

Then you cut 4 of the 5 squares in half, diagonally.

Then you sew a little 4 patch and start attaching the triangles all the way around starting with the smallest (didn’t think of taking pictures of this part). And this is what you end up with.

I have finished 5 blocks: only 11 more to go, unless I decide to make this a bigger quilt than originally planned. This block has a lot of points you don’t want to chop off but it is really easy to do since you can stitch from the back to make sure you hit the mark. Once the cutting is done this is a really easy block to do and goes much more quickly than I would have imagined. So what do you think of what I have done so far?


  1. What scrumptious snails! I love the effect you're getting with the mottled batiks.

  2. I love that fabric!!

  3. Great job with the way you have the colors arranged in each block. I'd have had a hard time with that part of it!!!

  4. What you have done looks great. I love your choice of fabric.

  5. Those blocks are lovely! Keep on going!

  6. I am not usually a batik fan - but those blocks are oh, so beautiful!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. Pretty! You have a much softer effect than many snails trails. I didn't find that an easy block at all. I always wondered if the directions I followed were slightly off. Maybe, but it could have been me too...


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