Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Taking Time Out

I am taking time out from Snails to work on something else. My guild issued a challenge during the winter. Make a wall hanging, no more than 30 x 30, using two required fabrics and up to 4 more of our choosing. Well, I have made mine and decided to use the “birthing” technique rather than do a binding. I do, however, want to quilt it on the HQ. So, what to do when there is no back or batting to attach leaders or clips to. Well, here is what I did.

What you also are seeing are the two required fabrics (ugly) and two of my four optional ones. Anyway, I made faux leaders that I stitched on to each side

and then attached them to the real leaders and off I went. I can’t show the quilt yet: it will be showing up in September.

Now, the real reason I am posting tonight. I read so many blogs where people are sharing how proud they are of their grandchildren. Well, I would like to do the same. But, alas, this is all I have. Our grandson came by on his way home from work, and here he is:

He explained that today they were having “sex change” day: sounds more like college than work, doesn‘t it? Anyway, we were so happy that he shared with us that I just had to snap pictures. And, as you can see, DH really enjoyed the show.


  1. oh Gari - I laughed and laughed at the photo's. How brave your grandson was to go to work in that outfit!! thanks for sharing LOL

  2. Sex change day? That sounds like a challenging place to work. I wonder if everyone was brave enough to go along with it. your grandson looks like he was having fun with it.

  3. How funny -- Priceless picture of him with his grandpa! He has good taste in cars. Love that Mustang!

  4. A pretty girl he does not make...yikes...tell me he at least shaved his legs.

  5. your grandson is just too cute! he must keep everybody laughing. can't wait to see the finished snails trail quilt.

  6. Oh, my goodness...I sure am glad you explained this photo to us. LOL


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