Sunday, September 20, 2009

Frustration and Success

I have been unable to solve my “machine” problem so I will probably have to take it in for “fixin’.” I am going to call a dealer Monday and see if I can get it in next week. This, however, does not keep me from working on stuff: I have more than one machine, but I was humming right along on my appliqué and really hated to get bogged down.

However, I moved to my straight stitch machine and began working on a fabric bowl. I sewed fabric on lots and lots of clothes line and started the trimming. I had to push pretty hard to get the cord right up to the zipper foot so my right hand really hurts, the old arthritis, you know. I didn’t get all the trimming done but will try to get back to that on Monday. I did take pictures but I must have put them on the other computer. lol

Saturday I started quilting Fish, the charity quilt. And this is how it looks now: I finished it this afternoon. This was free motion: two types of meandering with some fish added in the borders.

I pieced the batting and it worked excellently as I can’t feel the joins.

And these are the strips I plan to use for the binding.

Saturday afternoon I decided to see if I could find the sewing machine needle recommended for the fabric bowls (resting some from the quilting). Neither of the fabric stores in our town had the needles so DH and I took off for NWFL to a LQS that I knew where they have a great selection of needles and sure enough, there was just what I wanted. And, of course, I purchased some fabric (only 1 yard) while I was there. This picture is also on the other computer so my next blog is already looking good. And, as long as we were out of state, we went on to a bigger town where we dropped some coin at Office Depot (ink and various office supplies), Moes (burritos) , and Publics (WW food we can’t get at home). And, lucky me, we got home in time to watch some college football.

This evening we are NOT watching football. DH has taken pity on me and we are watching movies. A nice way to rest from a very productive weekend.

See ya all next week.

Edit: I didn't have anything on my design wall this morning so I jumped up and made this mini quilt so I didn't look like I wasn't doing anything.


Gina said...

Only 1 yard of fabric. Are you OK? LOL
great quilt and I love the binding fabric. I hope you can get your machine sorted out quickly

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Julie in the Barn said...

I love the fish quilt. I'm gathering ideas for quick and easy donation quilt patterns. That one looks great!

Quilter Kathy said...

Thanks for the giggle...glad you jumped up and made something so it wouldn't look like you're loafing around!

QuiltedSimple said...

You loaf around? Never! You've gotten so much accomplished - hope your machine has an easy fix:)