Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Venture

Before I tell about that, I will say that this week has been busy. Monday, we already know, I made the Halloween mini quilt and then I worked on a couple of BOMs (nothing completed).

Tuesday I rearranged the cutting/pressing room in the studio so I can sit in my recliner and either see the TV or DH when he visits. This, of course, required me to clean off the pressing table and a cedar chest that is located there as well as the hide-a-bed so it was an adventure as well as work. Then I traveled 70 miles with DH and while he was teaching his class I took my sewing machine in for some repair. Of course, on the way home, we stopped to eat and found a wonderful steak house way out in the middle of nowhere.

This morning I continued work on BOMs as well as doing some appliqué using an older machine. Now that was interesting as it has been a while since I used the knee lift. That really takes some eye, hand, knee and foot coordination. Then, this afternoon, I showered and dressed nicely to begin a new venture. I am now a Weight Watcher leader. And I am really excited. I went to meet my new group, a WW at work meeting with a room full of teachers. The district manager met me there and led the meeting while I took down the weights and smiled. However, next week the meeting will be all mine. I haven’t worked for the last three years so even a couple of hours a week seems daunting right now. However, I feel that I have something to contribute and I have always loved helping others achieve their potential so I am really excited.


Lurline said...

Good Girl! Congratulations and enjoy your new position helping others!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Pat said...

Good luck with your new venture and from what I've seen, you are a great "advertisement" for WW.

Gina said...

Good luck with your new job

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Mary said...

Good luck with the Weight Watchers position -- I haven't worked outside the house in quite a few years either and at this point, I'd probably be nervous for a while too.