Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is Football Season Over Yet?

It seems that Dish offers a special deal to be able to watch all the Big 10 football games. Ask me how I know. Football started Friday and was on ALL weekend. I must say that if I am at the stadium to watch a football game, I am a real fan and can yell with the best of them. But on TV, I don’t think so. But 3 solid days of football and I am so over it. Lol

So while the games were on, I spent all day Saturday in the studio. I worked on some paper pieced blocks I had been gifted by Pat and completed a quilt top that will be a gift so can’t be shown at this time. I, however, was really impressed that I got a complete top done in one day. The blocks were a little rough, some still had paper on them and some were made using cut away stabilizer and wash away stabilizer that had been “fused” to the back due to steam pressing. And, of course, they came in several different sizes. lol So, most of the morning was spent cleaning up the blocks and cutting the sashing strips and borders. The afternoon was spent sewing it all together. This is the layout that I have drawn: sorry I can’t show the work until later.

Sunday, because football continues all weekend, I worked on this charity quilt. Last week I cut out and sewed the blocks for this quilt, a D9P using shirting and fish fabric.

I had decided on no sashing between the blocks so it went together pretty quickly. All of the fabrics came from stash: I am so proud. Once I figure out a backing I hope to get this on the frame Monday and try a new panto on it. I really like these bright quilts.

Last week I finished the block at the top of this picture and was really excited. I had started this BOM in April or May and now I was caught up. Just as a matter of course, I counted my “finished” blocks and it came to only 7. “That couldn’t be right” I thought since I had just finished block 8. I got out all my instructions and low and behold, I hadn’t made block #7 cuz it wasn’t even in with the other patterns. But now I am all caught up, even have #9 done. These three haven’t been machine appliquéd yet but that will be part of next week’s work.

While I was working away in the studio today, DH was fixing brownies. Ask me how I know…

So, between daily rain and football, I have had a very productive weekend. How about you?


True Blue Nana said...

My husband spent Saturday watching one game on tv and one game on the computer. HOORAY! I went upstairs and did what I wanted!. I love the D9P with the fish fabric. I have a big print that I just love and I am wondering if I could do something similar. I will have to check that out.

Denise :) said...

I love your BOM! Is that the downloadable one from Bunny Hill Designs? The Scotty Dog caught my eye; if it's the same one, it was the September block. Cute, cute, cute!! :)

Quilter Kathy said...

Don't you love the D9P?! I just finished one too!

belinda said...

Football comment......LOL

Brownie Man......LOL


Zlaty said...

Wow great job on the charity quilt! I don't care for football too!

Love your BOM blocks!

Happy sewing, I am afraid there is more football coming your way!


Michelle (Shell) May said...

Ok... first the photo of DH is totally hilarious! I just love when people can be silly!
Love all your charity quilt. Got to get working on mine too.
Football.... ick. Glad Bunnyville is upstairs and DH has a TV in the garage to watch as he restores his 69 Camaro. LOL.
bunny hugs,

Kim said...

Your bunny Hill blocks are so sweet, so you are fusing the shapes down then machine appliquing?
It looks great...I am using a combo of wool and cotton....and your sheep looks wooly too.
boys will be boys.......I hope he shared those brownies!

Happy Sewing