Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We had an uneventful weekend. A movie, quilt piecing, quilt block embroidery, and a visit from the folks who live on the back half of our property. I had just seen them out the window (too dirty to take a picture through) so I ran out the front and around the deck, just in time for them to hear me and high tail it into the woods. I didn't see the mother anywhere but this was the first time I have seen two babies. I should tell you that I have told my SIL that he is NOT ALLOWED to hunt on our property.

I have the South Seas top done and basted on the frame, waiting for the new panto to arrive.

See, even Hungry is wondering why we aren't quilting. LOL

The embroidery blocks are coming along slowly: 18 color changes times 12 blocks is 216 color changes. I have come to really dislike this design. However, I have only one more to do and then I can finish the blocks. I plan to turn them in Friday when I go to NWFL to visit friends and use my 40% coupon at Joanne's.

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PDXGramma said...

We have some of your backyard relatives that walk through our yard often. There's a mommy and two young ones, also. Aren't they a treat!