Sunday, October 11, 2009

Design Wall & WIPs

Judy asks “What’s on your design wall?” every Monday morning. Well, here is mine.

These 5 blocks are UFOs, leftovers from a BOM of 2005, I think. I used 7 of the blocks for a valance in my bedroom and always planned to make a throw with these 5. But as you can see, here they are, still orphan blocks. So on the design wall they went. I have finishing fabric for them but just haven’t decided what I want to put between them. The blocks are 15” so they should make a nice sized 9 patch plus borders.

On Thursday I got my first Christmas gift for this season, quilted. Friday I sewed the binding together and on the front and Saturday I finished sewing it on the back. I won’t have pictures until later but am really happy with how it turned out. I have one other gift to finish as I have not planned handmade gifts for more than a couple of people.

DH was off on Saturday to judge one of the last Jr. Miss programs in AL for the season and I had all day in the studio. I did a little cleaning and then some sewing. I am working on a Dresden plate quilt: 4 plates have been appliquéd with 2 to go. Today I made the centers for all 6 and fused 4 on the completed blocks. Next week I hope to get the last two appliquéd and then all 6 centers stitched. I also set up a new quilt with the last fabric I bought and plotted the design layout in EQ6. The last thing I did was sort and press lots of 1.5 and 2” strips for some scrappy strip piecing. I have an experiment I am going to try and if it works, I will share later next week.

We have not yet entered into Fall in the South. It has been rainy, warm (90F), and humid. I don’t mind much as I have been able to continue wearing shorts and my feet haven’t been cold, yet.

Anyway, late last week, due to the high humidity, I found this growing in my front yard.

The next day, the mushroom looked like this.
Isn’t nature wonderful?


  1. I"m sure you'll turn those leftover bom's into a beautiful throw. YUCK to that mushroom!!!

  2. I'm anxious to see what you decide use for your other 4 spaces. Are you going to make different blocks for each or the same??? I can't wait to see. I'm having fun working on some of my old UFO projects. I can't wait to get out the next one!

    The mushrooms are amazing....

  3. those are gorgeous! filling in the blanks will be fun, can't wait to see what you choose. :)

  4. your mushroom DOES look like mine...Even after 4 days it still looks fresh like the first photo...

    That second photo looks yuk!!

  5. Wow, Gari. You've been a busy bee. Lot's of good stuff going on. I like those orphan blocks. So what's your plan for an alternate to tie them all together?

    I've had a lot of mushrooms in the yard this year. Some are ones I've never seen before but your big growth is amazing.And lucky you to still be wearing shorts. I'm in sweats at this point and we've fired up the heater. So much for the balmy California myth.

  6. I was amazing by those mushroom photos!
    I need to get into my cupboards and dig out some of these BOMs from years past and DO something with them!

  7. Will be so fun to see what your bom's become as was so incredible to see what the mushroom became!
    bunny hugs,

  8. Love your blocks. They will make a pretty quilt. Weird about the mushroom. We're into fall pretty nicely here in western NC. Still a bit of green, but beautiful.

  9. loved to see your design wall...those blocks will go into something great I'd bet


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