Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hanging a Show

What do you get when you put 20 women and 1 man in a 450 square foot house? This:

Sometimes it seemed like we had lots of Indians and no chiefs. At other times it seemed like we had too many Chiefs and lots of the indians were sitting out on the porch. And toward the end, the indians just stood up and made chief-like decisions and all the quilts got hung.

More, and I hope, better pictures after the show closes on Sunday.


Kay said...

I enjoyed this post because I helped hang two guild shows recently. One was an experience very much like you have described. The other one had the space for each quilt figured out to the inch, and it went like clockwork. Interesting.

After all this hard work, I hope you have a great show.

Pat said...

The house looks like it's a charming little place...can't wait to see more photos. Good luck with the show.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Looking forward to seeing more pictures! I had to laugh about the poor fella stuck with wall the women. What a guy!
bunny hugs,

Zlaty said...

I can't wait to see the pictures, too!

Have fun!