Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Musings and Batik

Given how busy I seem to be, one would not think I had time to “muse.” But when I am piecing, I tend to think. What I have been thinking this week is that I don’t think any of my family reads my blog. I think that when I first started writing some did, but I don’t think they do now. I am careful to not show the things I may be making for them but I never get comments about what I am doing or what I share about the goings on in my/our lives. Now, I don’t know how I feel about this, maybe a little hurt and maybe a little relieved. Fortunately, musings don’t have to come to any conclusion, just flit around in my head and then leave.

The batik part of this post is much more exciting. I started a new project Monday. A little history first. A couple of years ago I made two sweatshirt jackets.

Then one year ago I started Weight Watchers and after a 60# weight loss, they are too big for me. I really hate that because I love them but I haven’t seen a good way of altering them so I decided I needed to make a new one. Here are the parts I have so far made.

This is the back.

This is one of the fronts.

And this is one of the sleeves.

I love the dog batik and have had it around for at least 2 years. The colored squares were a pack of batik nickels I won at guild about 4 years ago and never had any idea of what to do with them. But Monday I had inspiration and off I went. I paired 2 nickels with a 91/2” square of the dog fabric and then made up 3 mini quilts to cover the back and two fronts. Then I cut smaller batik squares, paring them with orange strips, and ran them down the middle of each of the sleeves with a different batik flanking it. Anyway, I had hoped to get this done today but, alas, I chose to spend time with family instead. I will be gone every day for the next three days so I won’t get back to it until at least Sunday. Too bad, too, since we are supposed to actually get some Fall temps over the weekend and I probably will wish I had it to wear. Anyway, Sunday I will be trying to figure out what to use for the binding and then serge the parts together and bind.


Exuberant Color said...

As far as I know only one member of my immediate family reads my blog. Even a lot of my good friends don't read it and I really don't see them more than once a month so it isn't like they already know what I'm doing. I'm with you, maybe I should be relieved, not hurt.

60# weight loss, WOW! It is a bummer when a favorite garment doesn't fit any more. I'm sure you'll love the new one just as much as the old ones.

Jessica said...

I read your blog. I'll try to post more comments. :-)

QuiltedSimple said...

This is going to be pretty! Love the batiks. I know my Mom and Dad read my blog, as well as my sister, but I'm not sure if anyone else even knows about it. Todd only asks when I'm taking pictures if these are going to show up on my blog - then he runs the other way fast haha

Quiltdivajulie said...

Like you, I muse when I piece . . .

The new jacket is going to be stunning!

True Blue Nana said...

I have several family members that read my blog and like you I am not sure how I feel about it. There are things I would say if I knew they weren't "listening". Maybe it is best I don't say it anyway!

karenfae said...

Few of my family read my blog - mostly they do when we travel to see where we are. I am terrible hurt though that a good friend can't take the time to follow my blog even when we are traveling and not at home. I tell her I will be posting where we are and what we see and then she says something like - oh I can't keep up with you - you are never home. I have been told by another that this friend never seems to know when I am home and when I'm not and never has a clue where we travel because she doesn't listen when I tell her. She only wants to talk on the phone and not keep up with where I am on the computer!
Needless to say the last 4 months or so I have not been considering her as good of a friend as I use to. Of course this is a type of person who only wants you to go to her house and doesn't want to be put out going to someone else's. Enough of a rant - sorry!

Erin said...

That dog batik is just too cute!!!