Monday, October 18, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Well, there is nothing on the design wall but on my design ironing surface there is this.

These are the “baubles” I will be appliqueing for the Christmas BOW. I have one started but I am finding them a little difficult. I have never done applique with little pieces and my fusible isn’t behaving. I am going to try a different one today and see if it works better.

I only have a little bit of the background fabric so I can’t redo any of these. Here you can see the baubles drawn on the back of the fabric, ready for me to cut out and applique.

I did do some fabric shopping this weekend.

I bought this layer cake to use in the new BO2W that Moose on the Porch will be starting in November. I have never bought a layer cake before but I spent some time looking for a light group of fabrics for this one.

And this fabric is for a new quilted sweatshirt jacket for me. I have three already but when I lost weight last year those jackets have gotten too big. I have been wanting a blue jacket, thus the two blue fabrics. And I am planning on the lighter fabric to be the lining: or maybe I’ll do something else with it. Who, knows.

Be sure to check out what the other great quilters are doing over at Patchwork Times.


Wilma NC said...

That Christmas BOM will be beautiful.I am saving the steps but won't be making it soon. We're having renovations done to the house and my sewing time is somewhat lessened.

Pat said...

I'm sure you will conquer the fusible problem. Can't wait to see your sweatshirt jacket. I've always wanted one and am trying to do one now.......hope it comes out okay.

Chris said...

I have to say Bliss is one of my favorite new lines of fabric. Can't wait to see all the quilts made with it :)

sophie said...

Like Wilma, I'm saving the design, but haven't started making the 12 days of Christmas quilt ... and I as watch others, I'm seriously considering substituting redwork-style stitching (maybe white on a red background?) for the applique on the baubles.

Judy D said...

Curious-are you doing machine applique? I used washable glue stick when my fusible was being naughty. I hope the new one works better for you.
Love your layer cake. I thought about buying one for this project too but so far I've resisted. ;)
Too bad about loosing all that weight and your jackets not fitting!! Yeah for you. :)

Nina-Marie said...

You know I know that quilters swear by this fusible and that - but honestly I have a little bit of a few of them since it seems like some work better for certain projects than others. Also I've found that humidity and age have a lot to do if my fusing is behaving!!! Good luck working it out!

Teaquilts said...

The fabrics for you sweatshirt jacket are pretty. Looking forward to seeing what design you end up with.

Vicki said...

The applique looks way too hard for me. I love the baubles though. I have seen the Bliss fabrics and want to buy it. Maybe a gift from me to me is coming on!!!

Quilter Kathy said...

You sure do tempt me with that quilt-a-long! I've never used or bought a layer cake before. I will have to look for one! I love the Bliss line...can't wait to see how yours turns out!

orchidlover said...

Great fabrics
I'm tempted by the quilt along but I'm not sure I havethe time to keep up. I may join late

Love and hugs Gina xxx