Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Oh, not in the studio/sewing room. Things are going along there swimmingly. I am right on track with my Christmas gifts: should be all completed by the end of this month. (don’t get jealous) And I am coming along nicely on the Better Late backing: pieced backings do take a little more time, don’t they?

I even had to piece the label into the backing because I was short on the fabric I chose.

My frustration is with my reading. I am reading a wonderful book written by someone I care for a lot. However, I have always been a slow reader. But there is one other problem. I tend to read the good/happy parts quite quickly but when there is sadness or threat, I tend to slow down to a complete stop. I don’t like to read bad things so when the plot starts to put the hero in danger, I stop reading. Today I have stopped to do laundry, eat lunch, and sew. And then it takes me a while to go back and read through that part so I can get the hero to a good/happy point again.

I worked as a psychotherapist for 25 years and heard all kinds of horror stories that people were living through. My job was to help them make peace with what had happened so that they could live comfortably in the life they had ahead of them. I was good at that. But when I am reading (or watching TV or seeing a movie) I tend to shy away from the problems.

Now, my current dilemma is that this is a very good book. I love the characters, I love the setting and the family interaction and I want to finish the book so I can tell the writer how much I liked/loved the book and all that she has put into it. But I am having trouble getting through it: not the book’s fault but mine. You should have seen how long it took me to read the Lord of the Ring’s books and I loved them so much I read them twice.

Well, now that I have vented, I will show you that I am using my new placemats so it must be Fall in AL.


  1. I don't like sad parts of movies or books,either...and if I know a movie has a very sad ending, I will often skip seeing it (even if it is a movie I had really wanted to see).

  2. I can identify with your book preferences. We work with, encourage, aide dysfunctional folks who are in all kinds of difficulties. Sometimes I wonder whether there are any "normal" folks in our town. Or maybe this IS normal and I'm not? I don't want my literature and movies to be reflective of the troubles I am seeing everyday.

  3. P.S. I'm still in love with the quilt in your header.

  4. Wonderful! It's so cool to see how you plan out quilts and then make them happen. Just wonderful!

  5. Love hopw the backing has turned out.
    Have you thought about talking books. That way you can be doing something else and your mind will be kept from the sad bits of the book

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  6. LOL Sounds like me. I read Lord of The Rings twice too. The first time I skipped through it, reading mostly the good bits. The second time, several years older, I managed to read the whole lot. LOL

  7. So what book are you reading??? I think the only book I read where I skipped a long part was Atlas Shrugged. I skipped the VERY long speech by John Galt. Otherwise, I absolutely loved that book.

  8. think maybe you are "working" as you read and therefore it takes longer? Just a thought....

    enjoyed the pics!!

  9. Our family spent many years working with our gifted and compassionate therapist ~ we would NOT be where we are without his efforts.

    Please offer yourself the same grace you shared with your patients/clients and allow yourself to skim through the tough parts so you can savor the good . . .

    Besides - where is it written that we must read each and every word with the same intensity?

  10. Do I know the author of this book?

  11. Pieced backs are always more work but definitely worth it. I'm in denial Christmas is coming. Good for you to have your gifts nearly finished.

  12. I will skip over boring arts in a book when it's moving too slow for me! So now yiu must tell us the title of this book??
    That's a very interesting sytem you have to keep your strips neat & separate, where did you find it, looks like something you invented! If so perhaps you should patent it!


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