Monday, October 25, 2010

:-( No Design Wall Monday

I have had a very productive week and I completed all of the handmade Christmas gifts I plan to make. And, as a design wall photo, I am showing my leftovers.

But, that being said, I haven’t yet had time to start new projects or even get UFOs out to see if one of them can be completed. But starting today I will be packing up the gifts and bagging up the quilts I am going to put in the guild show in November and then I will be looking at what I want to work on next. I do have a comfort quilt that needs quilting and a flannel quilt I want to make and the jacket I just bought fabric for, so I guess it won’t take too long before I am busy again.

Friday DH and I went to a quilt show in Dothan, AL (and I forgot to take my camera). The quilts were very nice and some were outstanding. But the highlight of the show was a collection of vintage victory quilts, at least 20. Many were made during WW II but some were much older and some even from more recent conflicts. The owner of the quilts (I didn’t get her name) had excellent reproductions of the patterns and some of the history surrounding them.

One highlight of the show was that I got to play with an Accuquilt GO. And since I knew more about it than the girl vending, I got to show it to DH and demonstrate it (my first time). I told him that I keep trying to win one but so far I have been a failure in that arena.

Saturday morning I took some time to check out the “color” of fall here on my little piece of South Alabama.

We don’t get the brilliant color that can be seen further north but we do enjoy just enough to experience seasonal change.

Then I went into the studio, turned on the iron and sewing machine and just as I was getting started DH came in and wanted me to go to the school with him to watch Auburn play football. They have a projection TV and a 6’ square screen. So off to Subway we went and then got to the school just in time for the kickoff. And, I must say, we had a good time watching another great game where, of course, Auburn won. But no sewing got done.

So Sunday I locked myself into the studio and finished off my biggest project (see above). However, even that got interrupted when I remembered that I was supposed to be cleaning the PVC poles that we will be using for the quilt show. 2 hours later I was back at the sewing machine. It is not easy getting things done around here.

Our weather has been picture perfect: nights in the high 40s and days in the low 80s with blue skies and lots of sunshine. We need rain but since I am not a farmer and we had lots of rain during the spring and summer, I have really been enjoying the beautiful days and taking breaks sitting outside. I even drove to NWFL with the windows down because the fresh air blowing through the car felt and smelled so good. And while there on Thursday I spent about 30 min at the beach, watching the water and fishermen. It was so peaceful.

Well, those new projects won’t get started unless I get off this computer. Have a great week!


Pat said...

Oh, got to use the GO cutter!!! I'm happy to hear that. I also am impressed that you have all your Christmas gifts finished....whew!!! It's not even November yet so that is a big accomplishment.

Denise :) said...

Hey sister Alabamian! I keep trying to win a GO! cutter to, to no avail. I'll keep entering, though! Sounds like you had a great weekend, and I am also impressed that you've finished your Christmas gifts. Wow! :)

Judy D said...

How exciting that you are finished with your gifts! Your weekend sounds full and fun! Can't wait to see your new projects.

Charlene S said...

Jealous! I haven't even started my gifts.

Nina-Marie said...

WOW great job finishing up for Christmas early!! I can't seem to get through Halloween!

kwiltnkats said...

Sounds as if you've given your DH a Christmas idea. I'm sure he got the feel for how much you liked it. Hopefully he'll put the two together. Good luck.

Chris said...

Posts like this make me miss my time in Alabama. It was so nice in the fall.

Teaquilts said...

I haven't even started Christmas gifts this year so far. Congratulations on getting them completed.