Monday, January 24, 2011

Design Wall Monday & a Finish


First, the finish. Here is the baby quilt I almost had done a couple of weeks ago. However I decided to wait until the baby was born to make the label.


Madison was born last Wednesday and today I finally got the label embroidered and the binding sewn down. DH will take it to the father at work tomorrow.


So today I decided to work on the Henrietta Whiskers BOM. The applique is to be put on pieced blocks and we are instructed to make the blocks first and then do the applique as it comes. So here I am starting on the first part of the blocks, 16 square in a square blocks. They are only the border to some of the larger blocks…I have a long way to go.


And to take a break from all the above, I started appliqueing down the boot block. I use monofilament thread and a small zigzag stitch. So as you can see I have nothing on the design wall but lots going on. Stay tuned………..

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  1. love the baby quilt, and label

  2. Of course you don't have anything on the design wall -- you're busy working on it! (hum, I may need that excuse some day soon....!)

    I need to read the directions on Henrietta more carefully. I am hoping to make it too but considering I haven't finished 2009's A Tisket A Tasket... I don't think I'll be starting for a while...

  3. What a cute baby quilt. I recognize that block! he he he

  4. Cute quilt -- darling label! Good call on waiting! :)

  5. Cute quilt....I love the label!

  6. I like the baby quilt.
    glen in Louisiana

  7. Sweet baby quilt. I like your label. I am really bad about doing them on my quilts.

  8. Love the label on that cute quilt!
    Do not tempt me with another adorable project! LOL!
    I am going to live vicariously through you on this one!

  9. love the baby quilt and that you waited to personalize it. What a treasure!!

  10. Very pretty and the label is Fab!

  11. Oh your baby quilt is so pretty - and I just love the label you made! Your blocks are looking great too!


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