Monday, January 3, 2011

Design Wall 1/3/11

With the holidays over, I finally was able to get back into the studio. And there was my flannel log cabin, still in pieces. So the first thing I did was to get the center blocks sewn. But then I became faced with a delima. I really would like to have a small enclosing border around the blocks before I put the outer border on (see the border fabric on the chair). But what to use. If I had a solid, or solid like, orange, brown, or black fabric I would use that: but I don't. So I am stumped and stopped, briefly.

So I moved into the quilting room. I have had this quilt top, a baby quilt for a child due this month, for quilt a while. But this past weekend it got on the frame and quilted, too.

The quilting pattern is a new one from Urban Elementz, can't remember the name, but I love it.

It has hearts in it but when I was quilting it I saw "baby butts." So I smiled throughout the quilting process and now am ready to get on to the binding. Of course that means another decision. I actually have enough of all three fabrics to make binding but which one should I choose? Anyone want to vote?

edit: Wednesday I will be posting about the giveaway gifts I have received as well as a couple of Christmas gifts given and received. Be sure to drop by then.


  1. LOL "baby butts" quilting design. Love it! I agree about the little containing border on the log cabin quilt. A very small black or dark brown border would be great. Sounds like a trip to the LQS....

  2. Your flannel log cabin is beautiful. I would have never used that color combination, but it's seriously gorgeous.

    I can see why you were seeing baby butts in the quilting. I'm partialy to dark bindings, I think thay frame the quilt better. That or I bind with the same fabric I used in the border.

  3. Love both quilts. I especially like the baby butts! LOL.


  4. I vote for the border fabric as binding and cut the same way as the border fabric is.

    What about a deep red for the stop in the block centres??

  5. I'm with Kathy, same red that's in the center. Love the quilts.

  6. I agree about the red stop border for the log cabin. My favorite for border and binding on the baby quilt is the dark, multi-colored fabric but if you use that for binding, it will be the same as your outer border and I don't know if you are okay with that. (I love to use the same binding fabric as the outer border quite often.) I did double click on the photos and smiled at the "baby butts"....I saw them, too! :)

  7. I really like the multicolor for the binding. The other fabrics would draw the eye to the binding rather than the center of the quilt and miss all the baby butts :)

  8. I like the multicolor for binding too and if you are making bias binding it will be diagonal stripes, very cool design note.

  9. Great progress over the holidays. The quilting in baby quilt is very pretty; like that panto.


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