Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Almost Finished & Nature


The quilting is finished.


And I am pleased.  However, today was supposed to be the day I put the binding on so I could be really warm tonight.  BUT, in order to do that I would have to clean off the cutting table (two BOMs on there) to cut the binding strips and then clean off the sewing table (strip blocks on there) in order to sew them together and then on.  So I decided to spend the day doing laundry and reading instead.

the hunter

I did take some time out to watch this.  Here you see our cat watching a bird at our smaller birdfeeder. 

wrong tree


However, the birds seem to be at the smaller tree to the right where the larger birdfeeder is.  Each time the cat changed trees, so did the birds.  It was really funny.



And this is our new birdfeeder.  I found it in a shop for only $27.  The top is fused glass and the birds really seem to love it.  The cats, not so much.  The seed is easy to get to and the birds can fly away quickly.  Nature is so much fun to watch.

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