Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ongoing Progress


This is block 9 of the LCQAL at Moose Quilts. I liked that she gave us four different layouts to choose from, and each one was great.

2-23-11 so far

And here are all nine blocks, together. I am beginning to get an idea of what I may want to do with them but of course I will have to wait for the next 3.

Block 1 done

On Monday I got my Hearts Desire Block 1 all appliqued down. The color is really a little brighter but it was dark when I finally got a chance to take this picture.

And that is all I am going to be able to sew this week. Tomorrow is my long day in FL teaching Weight Watchers. Then on Friday DH wants to go look at a car he thinks I would like. This happened because I mentioned that people were driving with the tops down on their cars last Thursday. I have had a convertible for many years but my current car is a hardtop. DH LOVES to trade cars and this was all he needed to start internet shopping. Anyway, he has found two dealers within driving distance and I guess we will be checking them out on Friday.

And Saturday we are going to finally get to celebrate our anniversary that was postponed in January (see post). But Saturday we will be driving down to Orlando and visiting with both my sister and brother-in-law and Harry Potter. I am stoked!! We will be gone until Wednesday of next week but I will taking pictures and checking in along the way.


  1. Great cheery blocks! Have a great trip this weekend. Are you really going to the Wizarding World???? I am anxious for a good honest review.

  2. Love how your layer cake blocks are coming out. They make a great set!

  3. Nice blocks AND how nice that you will be celebrating in NICE weather with no ice on the roads!!!

  4. Have a great time in Orlando with Harry and friends. I like your layer cake blocks. I hope to get caught up soon.

  5. Say Hi to Harry for me! Take lots of pictures.and Enjoy your belated Anniversary trip

  6. This new block looks like fun to sew. That was inspiring to see all the block so far on a design wall...looks great!

  7. Your hearts desire block is very nice, as are your blocks from Moose Quilts. Have fun car shopping!

  8. Those are both such beautiful works-in-progress! I look forward to seeing them finished! Enjoyed your post on Hogwarts, too. So fun!


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