Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Red Snappers find a Home


I have found the perfect place to store and display my new Red Snappers.

First, I collect owls, primarily hollow glass owls. They are all over my house and have invaded the studio, too. I recently set up this display in the quilting room and when the Red Snappers came I was looking for the perfect place to store them, especially when I saw that they came in three different sizes. And then this perfect idea came to me.


This is one of two giant owls and the 4’ snappers stand up perfectly in him.


This is a 1’ cookie jar. This one came without a lid (I have three others with lids that hold parrot food) and is perfect for the 2’ snappers.


And this is a glass (I have 6 of these, most hold thread scraps). This little one is holding the 2” little snappers.


Isn’t this a really cool Red Snapper family? They make me smile every time I come into the room.


  1. Have you used the Red Snappers yet? Your owls make perfect holders for them!

  2. I guess I live under a rock, what are the red snappers used for?

  3. Great idea for storing them! How are you liking them? I've got a different system, and I LOVE it! No pins!!

  4. So I take it that you still love the Snappers? What a great storage idea! I haven't ordered mine yet as I have been too busy with packing,purging, house hunting etc. But I will get them soon

  5. I like your storage idea, the red snappers show off the owl designs better.

  6. In less than an hour, my new Fun Quilter and Hinterberg stretch frame will be entering my home! Woot!!

    Yes, I am scared...

    Yes, I'll get over it...

    In my research today,trying to understand leaders and how to get the quilt on the frame, I came across the videos of Red Snappers and since you just wrote about them, I thought I would take a chance and ask you how you like them before I order them. =)

    Your storage idea is a good one, BTW. =D

  7. It does look really pretty. I have a wide mouth glass jar that I use to store my little quilts. In your last post, you showed so many gorgeous little quilts. You have been busy - they all look wonderful.

  8. My Red Snappers are ordered and on their way. Thanks for your help. =)


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